Ok i hate middle school boys ( atleast some of them )

Ok so i know i complain alot on here but it helps get my anger out... Here is what happend. So this guy is always going around telling girls he has always loved them and only them but he tells girls at the same time. Well he played that little trick on me saying he was over those girls. I went along with it but i didnt belive it. Well thismorning he texted my fried saying he was deleting my number cause im just making up rumors about him and that he never said he loved me ( i have the proof he did ) I am just thinking in my head people always make up rumors about me like that im emo and i dont like it so why the heck would i make up things about you? I am just not that kind of person

Hi Anna Banana,

Thanks for posting! I was wondering how you are doing. It sounds like you did really well and didn't get pulled in by what he was telling you! You are one smart cookie!

Wishing you a better day tomorrow!

Best wishes,


Stay away from his type...he may collect 'relationships' one day when he's grown up. You deserve better.

KARMA, it’ll bite him in the a**… You’ll see

now he is telling people not to talk to e cause im mean. then he said to my friend why would i or anyone else like her, she is ugly and stupid