Omnipod Covers

Hello! I was wondering if there was any fun cases or covers for the PDM or Pod??? I've been looking around but I can't find anything. I have a pink PDM case from omnipod, but there's nothing really fun out there for a 14 year old girl.

I found but haven’t ordered any yet on

I haven't found any for the PDM but the pump peelz look pretty cool!

I bought three to put in my son's stocking - so I don't know how well they work yet, but the pictures I've seen of people wearing them look cool!

I would with for the new Omnipods. It is difficult to predict how different PDMs will be. I am quite sure we should know more withing a few months, then the case situation may change.

The new PDM has the same format. Only the colour is now black and of course the functionality has changed (improved).
For storing the PDM I use now a Case for a Nintendo DS/NDS lite. (EBay less than $5.00) Available in different colours.
It gives protection, enough space and is a smaller package.
See attached pictures.

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Interesting. We've been looking for alternatives for the PDM case as well. The DS Lite case looks useful. However, I've found Daniel usually needs to carry an extra backup pod and insulin with him - and the DS Lite doesn't seem to have room for that. How do you handle that?

I also found thison amazon for $10 -- they offer a large and a small version. We haven't tried it yet, but it might be an alternative.


If I leave home for more than 1 hour, I take an extra Bag with me.
The DS case fits in it and I can put i Insuline a Pod, and other stuff. Enough for a day.
From my diabetes webshop I can choose two bags a year, but only order it if I need it.
The DS case is used because it is protective and small.

I bought a 'Garmin' case from Office Max for about $20. It is padded and roomy...large enough on the other side for an Iphone.