Omnipod + wedding?

Ooo I’m going to give that a try! I’ve never worn the pod on my forearm, but I’m willing to give it a try. I have a few months to go, lots of experiment time.

Very true! =P I told my mom about wearing the Spanx (stocking-like body shaper) and she said the pod will probably stay in place.

Funny, last night I was thinking with the big skirt + layers underneath, how the heck I was going to go to the bathroom. My maid of honor said, “Um, you didn’t think you were going to go by yourself, did you?!” What a pal.

I wore an infusion set for my minimed underneath my spanx. No problems at all keeping it in place and my dress was large and A-line enough that I could clip the pump to the spanx underneath and it remained completely hidden. I think the pod would be just fine on your thigh or lower abdomen unless you’re wearing a sheath.

As for the testing supplies, I had a little david’s bridal purse with my stuff in it and tested immediately before the ceremony, immediately after the first dance (before food was served), and again before the cake a couple hours later. I assigned one bridesmaid to the task of remembering when the last time I tested was and asking me at regular intervals to test again. :slight_smile:

YAY! thanks Melissa! My pod expires tomorrow, so I’m going to stick the next one on my leg and put my spanx on. I’m thinking it’s stretchy enough to accomodate…

If the pod failed after a couple of days of wearing it on your thigh, be sure to change it the day before or the morning of your wedding. It would have a better chance of making it through the ceremony. I got married before the Omnipod and had a Minimed. It was very frustrating. I had a strap that velcroed around my thigh with a pocket on it. It kept sliding down and then when I needed to bolus it wasn’t very accessible. The Omnipod should be much better for one of the most important days of your life!!! Congrats!!!

Put rhinestones & feathers on it and keep it on your arm…
or attach you veil to it - put flowers on the top - voila a hairpiece…
Welll - maybe not -
But I have bought a bunch of stickers - like irridecent koi fish and butterflys and I stick on on my pod when I put it on.
The white is too boring…
I bet you will be a beautiful bride no matter where you wear the pod.

update! i tried the pod on various places and put on my wedding underthings…it looks like my best place is my right thigh. the site on my left thigh ended up getting infected (as it did the first time i placed the pod there about 2 months ago), and it hurt. it didn’t malfunction on either leg, so i’m hoping it won’t do the same on the day of the wedding.

thank you everybody for your help and suggestions! i really appreciate it! =)