What type of glucose tablets to use sure kicked up a lot of conversation. I have another one for Omnipod users. How often does you (expletive deleted) machine tell you that the blue tooth has stopped working and must be restarted? It is a slow week for me when I don’t get that at least four time a week.

I have the classic omnipod. Never. Never got the upgrade because of Bluetooth


It never tells me to restart my PDM, but bluetooth is often “not available” (I do not remeber exactly what term is being used). I just wait 30 secs and try again. This is nothing I think of as a problem and it happens a lot more than four times a week.

Do you really have to restart your PDM?

This is why I did not want to update to the Dash. Bluetooth can be notoriously unreliable. I am with Tandem x2 now.

Just a note. You may be able to get one for if Tandem runs the device through your pharmacy benefit.

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I have only been using Omnipod for around 6 months, but I’ve never had this error.

I have had instances where I have to place the PDM right next to the pod because it can’t seem to connect.

It always ends up connecting eventually though. I don’t consider this to be much more than a minor, occasional inconvenience.

I use the Dash.

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You’ll see failures while running the microwave. You’ll see failures when at the State Fair or anywhere there are a lot of police and radio traffic - like the protests over the summer. You’ll see failures in large apartment complexes

Well, I don’t- not yet anyway. I live in a city, run a microwave, etc.

DrBB was having them for a while…we think its from stray wifi in his building, but cant be 100% sure. He also runs a bunch of BT devices that might have been causing interference.

Here’s what you can (hypothetically) do. Detecting Wireless Interference - YouTube

I wish one of us would write to the Wifi analyzer guys and see if he could add our devices to a monitoring system.

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You are not going to believe the answer. Omnipod told me that if you hold the buttons down on the side for enough time the program will reset.

Guess which hand this left-hander holds the Omnipod in while he pushes the buttons on the Omnipod? My right! So I am pushing on the reset button while putting my numbers in.

Just remember: everybody is born left handed until they commit their first sin.


I have told Omnipod about this. Don’t hold your breath hoping for a left handed Omnipod.

That is correct if you want to shut off, go to flight mode or restart the PDM not reset it. I restart my PDM once a week because it gets too slow and needs a restart. When the BT-connection is lost a restart is not necessary, just get the PDM close to the pod and try to connect again a couple of times.