One drop Meter

Do any of you use or have experience with the “one drop meter”? I’ve been looking into it and think the Bluetooth feature is really cool, even though I do already have dexcom and omnipod… And I really like the idea of unlimited strips since I tend to over prick during lows. Just looking for any input you guys may have- I’m mostly curious about the accuracy of the meter… that’s the only thing keeping me from hitting purchase. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

click here if you want to read about it!


That looks interesting to me. I test so much, something like that could possibly be great. But only if a) it’s accurate, b) reasonably easy to use (I’ve tried so many different testers, and so many of theme are horrible c) the company is legit. After they get your money for the year-long subscription, are they going to be around a few months from now?! AND… d) there is no fine print. When they say “unlimited”, do they really mean that? My unlimited is like 20 tests a day. Will they honor that, or is there some small paragraph that says “unlimited test strips, not to exceed 10 per day” or something like that!

I don’t know anything about them, but I will check it out. Thanks for posting it.

EDIT: I wanted to talk to them about it, so I looked and there was no phone number, only an email contact form. That’s not necessarily a red flag, but the lack of a phone number makes me go “hmmmm” a little bit…

I emailed them, I’ll let you know if I get to talk to a human.

All the reviews I’m reading say it’s seriously unlimited (and even say “yes, you’re reading that right!”… and say even if you were to start using more, you can just order through the app. That’s the part that has me VERY intrigued. That is a little weird that there’s no phone number, though… I might try it for a month before committing to a full year. I go through strips like nobodys business even though I trust my CGM… it would be nice to save even a little bit of money there. A girl did post about how she was using 20 a day when she was pregnant and how appreciative she was that it was unlimited. Looks like I need to keep reading and researching!

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I submitted a request to speak to them, and I got an email response saying someone would be in touch. If I get to talk to someone, I’ll ask questions. - How long does it take to get strips? How many strips can I request at once? What if they are not accurate, can I get a full refund?

Anything you want me to ask about?


That’s awesome they already responded. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon! I’m curious about all those questions you’re asking, i can’t think of anything else except how accurate the meter readings are in comparison to the “higher rated/more accurate” meters. Love those questions! Please do let me know :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

So it looks like they track how many you use in the app, and you reorder through the app.

So, what I really want to ask them is - do you have to get down to ZERO before they send you replacements?! Because, you know, we are diabetics everyday, even when we are waiting for the strips to get sent. I want to know, at what point will they send you replacements?

Orders for One Drop Chrome or Test Strips typically take four days to arrive and are typically packaged in 24 hours and sent by ground parcel service (eg., USPS).

I’ll let you know what I find out.

Surely they don’t let you run out before you can reorder! Even if they over nighted it, that would be crazy. I feel like by the time one bottle has less than 40… I need a new one for backup and I would hate to not have it and have to order and wait and try and make the test strips last. Hopefully you can order right away when YOU feel you need to. I can’t wait to find out more. This seems so interesting to me! Thank you for looking into this with me and sharing what you find out! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Ordered one. Should ship today! The person I emailed with said Unlimited! As long as you are logging the data. I said I would need 300+ a month and they verified that it would be fine. You also get access to a RN via chat though the app. I really like the App and have been logging more now that it has made it easy. I love being able to scan bar codes and quickly enter the food I am eating. Also being able to see others results around you is neat. Although it just confirms that I am in a Diabetic Desert .


Cool! When you get it, let us know what you think! How accurate it is and how easy to use.

I downloaded the app to check it out. I can see where I can add food by searching their database, and to “take a photo”, but can’t seem to find where to scan a bar code. What am I missing? (I have an android phone)



                   I use it on a Iphone, but maybe its the same.  I select the food icon from the bottom center, then hit "Add foods from Library" below the large carb icon.  Select the magnifiying glass in the lower left to search for foods.  On the right of the "Search for foods" box there is a icon that looks like a barcode.  Select it an scan away, most things I try come up.  Then save it to you Library if you eat it often so you can just select it next time.  

                   Hope this helps.

I’m not sure it is transparent, but even with this introductory deal of $79.95 for the chrome and $399.95 a year it is pretty expensive if all you want are more strips. My insurance covers as many strips as I need for $40/90 days, which works out to $160/year. If you care about the other features it may make sense for you.

And this new program is competing against Livongo which has been out for a while. Livongo is more expensive but it has a stronger portfolio of services and it has a fair number of insurance and health maintenance organizations so you may find it is free or discounted cost.

My insurance will only cover 4 strips a day @ $24.00 for 100. After that they are full price, over a dollar a strip. So 300+ strips a month for 40.00 is a deal for me.


The app for android is different, then. I don’t have the options you mentioned. Don’t know why they can’t make them the same…

I used Livongo for almost a year. Got too frustrated with it. I would get anywhere from 8-10 strip errors per vial of 50. Totally unacceptable. My cheap ReLion meter has had maybe 2 errors in several years!

If I didn’t have a good insurance deal on strips (for Contour Next USB), I’d definitely be ordering one of these (if accuracy is confirmed as good). But, like @Brian_BSC, I only spend about $120 a year on strips up to 300/month. One of the benefits of a federal govt. insurance plan. If something changes and the company stays in business, I’d definitely consider this meter and subscription.

Hello my BG testing brothers and sisters!

I got some good info from the One Drop company today. I was impressed by the response, and also her willingness to speak with me on the phone (I had commented earlier that there was no phone number on the website, which I found a bit troubling, such as if you needed tech support or something).

This is not my endorsement of the company or product, since I haven’t tried it, but I just want to pass along what she emailed to me.

A few comments:
a) since the upfront cost is so high (compared with something like a $15 cheapie you can toss if it sucks), I emailed her asking for a link to a video, so I could see what it actually looked like in use. Would definitely want to see that before sinking $100 on a meter!
b) when the OmniPod PDM no longer contains a BG tester, and you have to carry a separate device, maybe this becomes an even better option for some people.
c) gotta figure out if I can get insurance for this, or if I’d want to swap from my beloved Freestyle Lite (best meter on the planet - for the win!)

Anyway, here is our email exchange. Lemme know your thoughts!!

My questions to her:
When do you get the replacement orders? Do you need to use all 300 before you get a reshipment? How many do you need to have left before you get a reship?

Do you have accuracy studies I can look at?

Do you have a video of the synching process with the phone? Do you need to synch after each test or can you synch them in batches?

Is there someone I can talk to about these questions rather than email?

Her response:
Nope, no need to use all 300 strips! The key in this process is making sure you are syncing your glucometer readings with your app. When you start to run low, you can go into your app and request more strips. We will receive your request and, based on how many times you’ve tested and how many strips you have left, we will then approve your request. If there’s any sort of exceptional situation (ie, you’re going out of town, your strips were lost/stolen), all you have to do is contact us and we can get it sorted.

For syncing: after you’ve done the initial app/meter pairing (one-time-only), as long as you are in the One Drop app and your meter is turned on simultaneously, the app will prompt you to log your reading(s). I’ve attached a screenshot of my own readings that need to be logged! So no need to sync each time you test, but you should be syncing often.

And (last but not least!) our accuracy studies below:

The analytical performance of One Drop | Chrome was evaluated in both clinical and laboratory settings.

99% of measurements were within 15% of lab results
93% of measurements were within 10% of lab results 

I’m happy to jump on the phone with you if you need any other clarification! Just give me a number I can reach you on, and when to call.

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I’ve been using the app for a few months, and now the meter for a week or so. The cost is just slightly more than my copay for strips (but comes with unlimited strips and I don’t have to deal with pharmacy/insurance nightmares). I’ve also been using their EXPERTS chat where I have a personal experience with one of their experts…together we are setting up a few logging goals as well as some other medication-related experiments that would take much longer to happen in the traditional every-few-week schedule of my endo.

I personally am enjoying it, and the cost is just a few dollars more per month than what I was paying before One Drop with quite a few added benefits.


I’ve been using the meter alongside my “current” meter for several days. So far, I like it. I wish they had an option of a case that did NOT include the lancing device (which I don’t like as much as the Acc-Chek Fastclix), but otherwise, it’s not much to carry along (though certainly not as small a total package as the Dario meter).
Like @mrmikelawson, I’ve started using their EXPERTS chat. I opted to try the 12-week program to see how it goes – Never hurts to gather information. I also note that they seem to promote a low-carb diet approach for those that might be interested in advice in that area. Of course they don’t try to force ideas on anyone.

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I am thinking about getting this since I test so much. But a few things about the app kind of bother me. This is a video about the OneDrop BG meter and app, made by the company founder a while ago. I am wondering if any of this bothers anyone.

The video is just a little bit down the page.

The creator says “OneDrop is a sharing platform”. To me, it’s fine to share readings with my Endo, or people I know. But just putting my BG out there for the world to see, it just seems strange.

There is a community icon on the app, and it shows the BG readings of other users of the app. In the video, at about 4:30 it shows how you can see the BG readings of people near you?! Um…why? It seems kind of weird. I mean, it’s one thing if you can pick your friends you want to see your BG - I love the share feature of Dexcom, but for Dexcom you invite people to your share. It doesn’t share it with everyone!

Just seeing the BG of random people who happen to be physically located near you at the time? Does that bother anyone? Is that supposed to be a safety feature? Like, if you see someone that is nearby has a BG of 34, you can go help them?

At 3:41 of the video, it shows the address of the restaurant where someone has eaten. If I am not mistaken, you can also see how much insulin they took if they enter that into the app. Can you turn that off? I would think this sort of thing would freak out parents if their kid was using the app and that info was going out to random strangers. Especially the location!

I’m just curious, maybe I am the only one who is a little bothered by some of these things. Can you turn these things off and just get your BG reading from it?

I’d like to hear what others think. I’m not ashamed of my blood sugar, but just putting it out for every stranger in the world to see just seems strange. Maybe someone can help me understand the reason for some of this stuff.

It’s possible that I am completely misunderstanding the app. So I am looking for clarification.

Thoughts? Opinions?