One Year

Some where or another in the last couple of weeks I have passed my one year anniversary of being a member on Tu.

It has been a wonderful year. It has been filled with some good times and some not so good times. Diabetes well controlled for the past year with A1c's between 5.4 and 6.2. Dialysis started and I am getting in the routine. Been several hospital trips/stays. But I have found that the highs (not BG) far out weigh the lows.

I have met some amazing people on here and have a great online friendship with several. Reed, Marie, Doris, Linda, Emily and Kathy, just to name a few.

Manny and his team have put together a great site, no community. I have visited other diabetes sites and have found no other one that fosters a family enviornment like is done here.

Through out all of the past year the people here on Tu have been there to support me and my family. Dialysis, hospital, the situation with my grandson through it all Tu and the people that make up this family have been there to lift me up and support me.

So many have told me how they admire how I have gone through it all. With a support network like I have here it is actually pretty easy. Besides, as I told one member this week, when you read these posts or my blog you are getting the abridged version. I have time to calm myself and go back and read and change what I type. I admire all of you here in Tu. You pull together and "circle the wagons" whenever trouble occurs.

You let people rant when things are not going well. You offer encouragement when needed and praise always.

So Manny, thank you. This site has meant so much to me in the last year.

To all of the members of Tu thank you.

Thanks to you as well, for joining, participating and bravely sharing your stories with us!

+1 to ar's post! You're a great addition to the family :)

Sparky you know you are one of my best friends. We laugh we ■■■■■ we vent. You put up with my God awful typing. We laugh when we pray for each a Catholic and you a Methodist. We message each day but my message to you today is heartfelt. Tale care. Love you friend,Reed aka The Seagator

I agree BP. I would not be anywhere near where I am today without this community. You, and your wife, add greatly to it's value. A big thanks to Manny and the team from me as well.

Thanks to you for letting us share your life, as well as all the others on here who come to us when things are going wonderfully and when they're struggling, or even outright crawling on the floor. It's impossible to explain to outsiders what TuD means to us; their eyes glaze over after the words "website" and "diabetes"