Online programs

Anyone use any programs offered online to manage your blood sugar numbers? I have just spent the last hour or so typing in my numbers to the program that I saw advertised on here.
My pump did not come with software…darn dinosaur!

I used sugarstats for a while. I liked it alright. But I really like my pump. I paid $30 for a cord and it hooks to my meter, which reads my blood sugars and my pump. And you can buy software, but you can also register online (which is what I did) for free. It makes my life so much easier. Especially since I am so bad about writing stuff down. I also tried another program (I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember the name) that I found online. But I liked sugarstats better.

I am bad about writing things down too. My dr. just d/l’ed my meter’s info. Now that I am going to be seen at Vanderbilt again I thought this program would be easier for me to just email the info down to them the morning of my appt.