Other Companies for Medical Supplies

What other companies are out there besides Edgepark Medical? I need to find another one.

I use Byram Healthcare. Been very good so far. Just google them. I had used Edgepark but my insurance doesn't work with them anymore.

If you are using insurance to cover your supplies, you are usually stuck with whichever supplier that they have contracts with. If you are paying for everything out of pocket, then follow clubkobe's advice and google suppliers. I am with Edgepark because my last supplier went out of network. So far so good, but my insurance is changing next month so I have no idea which supplier I will have to use. Before Edgepark, I used Better Living Now. Smaller company out of NY. They seemed to be cheaper and faster/better service than Edgepark.

ok thanks!

ok thanks!

I was forced to use [url=http://www.ccsmed.com/]CCS Medical [/url]. I would also be interested in finding a more complete list of possible competition for these guys.

I used to get mine directly from Insulet, but a change in insurance made me switch to Doubek Medical (http://doubekmedical.com/). They have been great since I've used them - fantastic customer support, very friendly and helpful, and they're very good about reminding you to reorder if you've asked them for a reminder phone call. I'd recommend them if you have an option.

Marlon, I use Direct Health Care Supply.