$*(@%! Ouch! Lasers AND Avastin injection yesterday!



Glad you found the thread, and thanks for your input. I do hope my vision comes back. It seems like I can see a lot in spite of the cataract so that gives me hope.

I also hope that things calm down for me (personally too as I’m on a job search right now; dealing with this at the same time has been stressful, for sure.)

Anyway, new update: The gas is GONE, so I snapped off the wrist band I’ve been wearing for weeks last night.




Okay, that gas set off one heck of a cataract in my left eye. The last time I went in for a post-op visit, my retina specialist couldn’t get a clear view of what was going on. He immediately referred me to a doc on the team who is an expert at cataracts and the surgery. I had the cataract surgery on Tuesday.

I’m now in the last phase of this. The new lens is great. I can see clearly. My cataract doc says my vision might get better a few weeks in, so they’ll give me a new prescription for glasses.

It’s the home stretch I’m hoping. My eye is healing again, and I have a post-op visit with my cataract surgeon in 3 more weeks and then another with my retina specialist in mid-November. I hope this keeps going well. Then I’ll be back to the quarterly eye exams to keep my retinopathy monitored.


Update time!

I went in for a follow-up on my June 2018 procedure.

My retina specialist’s team was just grinning ear to ear. My left eye is looking so good that my doc said that I’m back to the once a year visits that are standard for type 1 diabetics.

That was great to hear but also a bit troublesome because I’m now codependent on my retina specialist, Dr. B, and his team. They’re awesome. I’m now a walking testament to that fact. To that end, he compromised and let me make an appointment for 9 months out instead of 12. :slightly_smiling_face:

After my June vitrectomy, I needed to have cataract surgery because the gas they put in your eye will ruin the lens you were born with. I had that surgery in October. I have a slight shadow around where the macular hole was. That’s normal too.

I was anxious and moody but that has more to do with me searching for a new job than with how I’ve recovered.

I’m happy, and I’ve made a full and impressive recovery. I’m definitely thankful for that.

University-affiliated medical team, FTW! :hospital: :trophy:


It’s always nice to read good follow-up news. Congrats on your successful eye health outcome!


@Regina Congratulations! Wonderful news! I’ll send some good thoughts and prayers that your job search is successful too!


Thank you. The job search is brutal.

Good wishes and prayers are always welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.


Bonjour Regina