Paradigm Revel Mio vs. Quick Set

Hello all!

I should be recieving my revel today in the mail..yayy! Getting hooked up on wednesay. The rep told me it comes with the quick set because that is the easist to use. I was reading abou the Mio though, and that seems easier because it's all in one? Was wondering what you guys prefered.

I have the Revel (LOVE IT!) and I really prefer the Mios. The all-in-one design makes them great for traveling and just carrying around. They are super easy to use and I've had no significant issues with them staying in or getting the canulas kinked (I've only had a couple of "site failure" in the year that I've been using them). I like to always have extra infusion sets with me, and having everything in one little compartment makes life so much easier.

I am very active and sweat and shower a lot. Therefore, I do use the IV3000 films over my site. Medtronic now makes these with a special cut-out just for the infusion sites. THEY ARE AWESOME!! I have yet to have a site fall out when using the IV3000. Between that and the SkinTac, my sites are still quite difficult to pull off even on day 4 or 5.

I don't ever see myself using the quicksets ever again. A few years ago I had a horrible time with them kinking even when using the serter. The Mio's are great, I just wish they had the 43" tubing as well.

Do either of you where your sites in your arm? I have the omnipod now and love wearing it on my arm. (especially in the summer, who wants some big thing on your tummy?) I'm assuming you need longer tubing if you choose to wear it on your arm. I'm about 5'4, hoping the mio will have tubing long enough for my arm.

That's great to here you've only had a couple site failures. I would say I have one every other week with the omnipod. It woke me up with an occlusion alarm at 4am this morning and my BS was 355. Don't think I'm going to miss this thing!

Both are good. I have had good results with both. The MIO is quite a bit more expensive due to the fact it is self contained. I would try the QS first then call MM helpline and ask for some MIO samples, probably will send you two to try. Then if you like them as long as your doctor's script was written as infusion sets and not a specific type, you can ask them to modify your next supply order for the MIO and Quicksets. That is what I did.