Sugarmate app

Any one use Sugarmate app. I’m not getting readings. It had invalid data source in settings so I added a new one as per it’s instructions but still not working ??? I have emailed them but still waiting to hear back.

Update : They are aware of the problem and are working to get it back on line. :grinning:

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I use it and it’s working fine. Last week it wasn’t working but I thought it was just one of those things and I just re-paired it and it’s working now.
I only got sugarmate so I can have my glucose data on my watch face. You need to sync it with a Calendar . A bit of a pain but it works great most of the time

Check that dexcom is still sharing with it.
Check the dexcom ap to see if it’s sending data to sugarmate.

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Yeh I tried all the troubleshooting tricks but no luck. Their Twitter account says it’s still not working for people outside the US. I’m in Australia.
A dexcom maintenance overnight has caused some issue with it apparently. Hope it gets sorted soon. I really like the app.

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@Amelia3 I lost my readings yestarday too, Thanks for posting this. Hope it gets back on line soon.

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***Update on Sugarmate app.••

It looks like it will be unavailable outside the US until at least the end of the year. Such a shame as I love the app and they have tried so hard to fix the issue.

Here is the email they sent.

“We are reaching out to share an update on the disruption of CGM data in your Sugarmate account.

Regrettably, our Sugarmate app is no longer receiving Dexcom CGM data for our customers outside the United States. To date, Sugarmate has utilized a legacy channel to access Dexcom CGM data and as a result of regular Dexcom CGM updates to enhance scalability and performance, this channel is no longer available. We are still working to understand if this disruption will extend to Sugarmate app users in the United States in the near future, and if so for what duration. Customers in the U.S. will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if a disruption in service will occur.

We are collaborating closely with our partners at Dexcom to restore CGM data to the Sugarmate app. We know Sugarmate will need to be updated in order to work with official Dexcom channels and are committed to moving as quickly as we can, but do not currently anticipate having Sugarmate accounts outside of the United States reconnected before the end of the year.

We will continue to keep you updated through regular communications. In the meantime, we encourage you to utilize the G6 and Follow applications from Dexcom for your daily care.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and please accept our sincerest apologies.


The Sugarmate Team “


Very odd that this happened like that

anyone know what “legacy system” they are talking about?

I really don’t think I understand. Because I just looked at this.
SUGARMATE uses the dexcom share to share with sugarmate.
I can’t believe they would cancel that. How will parents follow their kids. And if they are coming up with something new, then sugarmate can just use that.

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I think it’s very sad. It would seem dexcom doesn’t want to share data and potentially life saving apps which so many rely on like Sugarmate are now no longer available. Hopefully it is only temporary but still frustrating for both the Sugarmate developers and users of the app.

From Sugarmate Facebook Group (posted Thurs Dec 9/21):

The Sugarmate™ app can once again connect with Dexcom CGM data for U.S. customers.

We’re sorry for this disruption and thank you for your patience. Please follow the link below for easy-to-follow steps for updating your app and reconnecting your data source.

For our friends outside of the U.S., please know that we’re continuing to work with Dexcom to understand when we can launch with the Dexcom Partner Web API Program outside the U.S.

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I think that this is a new feature on the restoration of Sugarmate app for iPhones.

If you tap the top BG number on Sugarmate, it goes into Nightstand Mode where it shows a black screen with your current BG number along with the time and the change in your BG.

I charge my phone on a vertical charger at night, so I can see my BG all night with just a glance at my phone and no button pushing. In vertical mode, It doesn’t give off a lot of light and is not distracting.

Tonight I will try landscape mode where the number is much bigger. I’ll see if it is distracting although it will be easier to see the number.

I think that the display only stays active if your phone is being charged.

Here are a couple of screenshots.


@Marie20 I was reading the iPhone 13 post this morning and found where you were asking about a way of keeping your BG number on your phone at night. This new SugarMate feature may be the solution. When my phone is vertical, I can see the number but it doesn’t give off distracting light. Last night I tried my phone in landscape mode and the number was easier to see. But definitely bigger and brighter.

I am really enjoying this feature.


I finally took to getting sugarmate up again. All I had to do was re pair the dexcom to it and it’s working again

I actually think it’s less glitchy than it was before and there is no lag at all
I didn’t need to set up my watch again, it just started getting data again.

I really like this ap.

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Thanks for mentioning this, Laddie. I have only used Sugarmate lightly and intermittently. I loaded it up again to check out this feature. For the last three nights I’ve left this screen illuminated through the night. The dark mode presentation, whether portrait or landscape is easy to see without my glasses and doesn’t give off excessive light. I like it.

Sugarmate will now be my preferred app to take me through the night. The other features of the app make it useful to quickly analyze glucose performance. I think this time, my intermittent use will become permanent. Well, as permanent as anything software-based can be!

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One thing I discovered about using the app at night while charging is that the phone does not do its automatic backup to iCloud. I got a message that my phone hadn’t backed up (can’t remember if it was a week), so I am now careful to let my phone charge for a while every couple of days without having SugarMate in nightstand mode.

That’s an important bug. We’re you able to report that?

Nope. I’ll just charge my phone occasionally without SugarMate being in nightstand mode.