Please don't visit this post

I told you not to visit this post!

Okay so you did, then please write something down!!!

I will keep the count!

Ant I silly!!! Sorry but am bored!!! : o(

Bored and having diabetes ??? A confused TU member , ha, ha

I wuz here…can’t sleep ;-\

Hey a discussion about nothing? Is this a bad rerun of Seinfeld?

Well I was sucked into it, so I guess I must write something…

Some of us are born to not follow directions! LOL

Some of us are just rebellious by nature, and if told “Don’t do this…” pretty much try it anyway!!!

Couldn’t help it Al. I had to peek . . .

Of course I had to visit. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Awww, you know you’d be disappointed if no one checked this out. … and btw I had the RO piece. No roses for me, lol.

Thank you all who visited this post and replied back, and also for others who visited this post but didn’t write something! ;o)

This was a proof of care, love, and welling to help. Even if it says go away, we (the tudiabetes community) will go in and try to help in anything we can do to make things better.

I couldn’t resist visiting this post - it’s like a note on a door saying ‘DO NOT OPEN’ - well of course, what do most people do - OPEN IT (okay - maybe not all of you would do this - but I am a cat like creature - nine lives - wait … I think I only have 5 left now - who is counting).

I also thought this post was about you needing some help - so I put on my turquoise cape - and flew to the keyboard to help out! Opps, tripped along the way - but didn’t scuff up my matching toe nails :wink:



Im so bad someone tells me not to do something Im going to do it.

Paul was here 7:05 pm est, Ontario, Canada :)

STOP, do NOT do it!

Yikes sugary!

I haven't seen this one before. I am not bored, I just enjoy the interaction between friends of common interest. I hope there isn't any sort of computer virus or some other nasty thing associated with this post.

lol, nope do not worry. TuDiabetes is a community free of viruses and full of friendly sweet people.

It is kinda funny that this post came to life after 2 years!!!!!! look at the posting date, not sure what I was thinking when I created this! May be testing my tuDiabetes friends passion!!! Hehehehe