Please Report TuDiabetes Website Issues

I just tried to edit personal preference and received a “page not found” error. 9:29 a.m. Pacific Time.

@neillll can you please take another look, given @Terry4’s comment? I’m not sure if you editing your post to “fixed” just before or just after Terry got that error message. Thanks!

The “fixed” edit appeared before I experienced another iteration of the problem.

:sob: :weary: :confused: :triumph: Darn. @Terry4, have you tried it again since then? If not, please give it a try and report here if you get the same error again.

The login/logout issues between the two platforms are our top priority to fix. I know they’re causing a lot of frustration (for me, too) and I’m sorry for my lack of communication with you all about what’s going on behind the scenes on these issues!

We’ve had developers working on this since last week, and it’s apparently much more complicated than those of us without much technical background could possibly imagine. As of last night one of the developers working on this has reported some progress, but we don’t yet know if the issue is completely fixed or not. Personally, I’m not having the same problems I was having previously with being logged out of Discourse when I navigate there from the home page.

Are you all seeing any improvement, or still having the same issues?

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Emily - I just tried it again and it works! The bold formatting html code “strong” appears instead of the bold text, however. I just undid the bold formatting to keep it simple. I redid my personal info; hopefully Discourse won’t eat it this time. :wink:

Once all the heavy lifting is done, can we revisit the name issue? I’d like to remove the 4 after my name.

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The login/logout issue seems to have disappeared for me.

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Emily, I am still having the same login issues.

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Unfortunately the fix will only be seen in your browsers if you reload the page (ctrl-R on Windows, or cmd-R on Mac).

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Thanks for the answer. You’re right, I didn’t reload my page before I tried it again.

I’m seeing a login issue, not sure it’s the same one everyone else is seeing.
It manifests itself as follows: I appear to be automatically logged into the home page but if I navigate to the “Discussion Groups” page the “Login” icon appears, when I click on it the page will refresh but does nothing else. If I then browse to a discussion and click the “Login to reply” button I seem to be logged in as long as I’m on that page.
The last time I logged in on one of the many workstations I visit the site from I selected the option to remember my login status (can’t remember the exact term used). Since then I seem to be auto logged into any of the workstations I use.
I don’t know if it’s helpful but my browser is Chrome running on a Windows 7 Pro workstation.

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Thanks for the info, Wheelman. This is one of the login issues we’re looking at, but you’ve added some detail that might help narrow our search… :slight_smile:

So it seems to have improved for some, but not all. @YogaO, what browser and OS are you using? I’m about to try to replicate the issue (which I don’t think will be so hard to do) with the developer so he can see it through… developer googles :wink:

I do not have Windows nor a Mac. how do you fix it on a Mini IPad?

@EmilyC, I am using Mac OS X 10.9.5 and the latest Chrome browser.

@EmilyC, this work around has been perfect for me. Convoluted is the perfect description, @kathimcb!

Insert Mini-Rant> From a user perspective, I believe we shouldn’t have to care whether we are in WordPress (WP) or Discourse as we move from one page to the next. End Mini-Rant>


You shouldn’t need the workaround anymore. Please let us know if the problem persists.

This has been fixed :slight_smile: Mari from France is now Mari from France, and Mari Ruddy is now Mari Ruddy.

I agree whole-heartedly with your mini-rant, @YogaO . It’s absolutely the intent to make the integration seamless.

I am not quite sure what was fixed, but something still may be broken unless we are supposed to have two Mari’s who both have a profile page which describes them as “An American living in France”.

This could happen, I suppose, but …

cc: @Mari @Mari5