Pod placement for softball

My 14 year old daughter plays softball and uses the OmniPod. She regularly rotates from arms to stomach to back. Now that softball season is starting I am wondering if anyone has advice on the best place to wear the pod. When she runs cross-country the pods have shaken loose several times so we either use a Coban kind of wrap on her arms or the IV3000 dressing (great but expensive) when the pod is on her stomach or back. She pitches or plays first/second base. I worry about the pod on her arm when throwing but running and catching make me wonder about the stretching and stress of other locations too. Anyone with first-hand experience? Thanks

We put my daughter’s on her stomach, front of the thigh and her non-throwing arm. She likes to wear them on her lower back, but we figured one good slide would send the pod flying. We use 3M micropore tape over the pod whenever she does any kind of physical activity, including swimming, and it works very well for us. I order it through American Diabetes Wholesale and it’s about $15 for a box of 6 rolls of tape. That lasts us at least a year – WAY different cost than IV 3000. She played for two seasons after starting the pod, and we never lost one.