Positive OmniPod comment - its great!

So just a positive post needed. I spoke to Ypsomed about the Pod failures. All good except no real help about the issues. I suggested that we ought to be able to return an entire box when two fail. Anyhow, just had a few days skiing in Europe. Very cold, -15c to -20c. No issues at all! Pod fantastic. CGM got a bit tricky due to body temp at times. But the temp basal drop for a few hours, like 5hrs, was great. No issue with hypos really. Obviously needed sugar at times, but all good. Best I have ever had. Although, I took a hard tumble and the PDM is now not happy if you shake it! Does anyone have experience in changing the PDM ??


eeekkk, be careful with that baby it is your lifeline! we just got a new one after a rough stretch, the pdm was timing out a bit then we had a pdm error where we had to reset the entire pdm this was our second time that that happened ( when this happens you have to change the pod as well it is like they stop recognizing each other) well i called omnipod support and gave them my tale of woes, it had been a bad day leading up to this and i had had it, they sent me a new one asap, we have a back up that the rep had given us at start up but we havent had to use it. i find they do back things up ( i got a free meter and some pods that week!) but there are ups and downs, hope your PDM snaps out of it and your trip is everything you expect it to be! amy