Priorities Skewed

I suck today.

Don’t spend so much time on TuDiabetes that you look up and see that you’ve missed your morning make-up lessons. THEN, don’t test and bolus and then spend more time on TuDiabetes until it’s been over an hour and your CGM is yelling at you and your sugar has plummeted and you didn’t eat the lunch you planned…and you’re late AGAIN because you can’t drive to the school for your afternoon lessons until your sugar comes up! Ugh!

But at least I’m committed to the community, eh?

Maybe I should have been committed to MiDiabetes instead. :slight_smile:

Haha! XD
Well, this site is a bit like crack. I don’t think I can say the same for MiDiabetes!

Wow! Melissa…You have to deal w/ MiDiabetes in order to help TuDiabetes:) we all know what happens when we reply to things when we are too loo or too high…lol it’ll be ok! take care of self first and the rest will fall into place.