Problems downloading pump

Anyone else having issues downloading the Ping? My software is working, the meter downloads without problems, but no matter how I prop the pump up on the wireless transducer, I cannot get it to sense the pump. My trainer left a message with tech support, but so far they haven’t called me back. I am tired of writing my data by hand! Help, please!


thank you!

I wipe both windows with an alcohol swap, I also strip the skin off before trying to download. this still isn’t perfect but it helps.

Thanks - I’ll try that.

They ended up replacing mine. I was sure it was something I was doing (or not doing), but when my trainer tried uploading data, she got the same error message (pump not found).


Don’t let the software search for the port for either the pump or the meter, but instead tell it what port to use. I found that it timed out if you let the software search. Go into your device manager (if in windows) and under usb it will tell you what com port the ir sensor is using. once I did this the pump connected immediately. For my computer it was com6 for the ir sensor and com7 for the microusb on the pump.
Also, I stood the pump up on its side and set the ir sensor about 3" away and it connected fine, although it took some time to transfer since it is infrared. Good luck!

I don’t have any problem with my pump as long as I slide it down enough for the little window to meet the IR window. It’s the meter I have issues with. I’ve been trying to update the food list and it’s not working for me. I can download the meter without issue but when I try to upload it can’t find the meter or says the port is busy.

I haven’t called tech yet but maybe I should do that today while I have the day off…lol. good luck all.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with tech support, to no avail. I tried all the suggestions - no luck. They are sending me a new IR unit. Oh well!!! Thanks, everybody!

I just posted and had the same problem. Pump not found. I didn’t know if I was having a problem with the RF transmitter but it did not work. I have windows Vista and the instructions were not good. When I put my DVD in the instructions told me to go to Dongle files to download a Vista driver. The instructions said to find the Dongle files to do this but never mentioned where they were. I got to a point where it looked good and got a choice of Yes or No but wouldn’t let me choose Yes and no would uninstall the Vista driver. I think I got by that and finished the software download. The directions said it would tell me when to attach the USB IR transmitter that came with the EZ manager but it never did. I was able to bring up the program and used the cable that came with the meter to download the meter info and make a few charts but when I continued to try the the pump it would tell me Pump not found. Not sure if the USB IR is working or not -it comes on with a brief green light and a beep but don’t see it working with a link. It looks like great software if I can get it to work - but without the pump info 85% of the database is useless. So you ended up replacing the software and everything worked O.K??

Hi Jay
How do you access manager on windows??

My software is finally working. They sent me a new IR cable, but still “pump not found”. On Tuesday, I received a new pump, which instantly connected. Hooray!!! I am no longer hand writing the darn records which I have to email weekly to the CDE.

My husband was on the telephone with tech support for an hour to get the pump and wireless transducer to work-you must keep calling them and they will help. I share your pain. I still write data by hand since the reports do not combine BGL information with bolus information and carbs consumed. My husband says there is a date time screen that must come up that you must communicate with. It is not a user friendly process. Good luck. Audrey

Try identifying and designating the COM port you are using instead of letting the program search for it. Use the same COM port each time. I just installed the new version of EZ manager on a Windows 7 operating system. The old driver wouldn’t work with the new operatiing system so I went to their website and downloaded the most recent version. Animas Tech support had told me it woudln’t work with Windows 7. Guess what. It does, and the pump downloaded faster than it did under Vista. The meter on the other hand wouldn’t do a thing. I had always had problems with it since day one. They shipped me a new one and now it also works very nicely. I found the trick to both was to designate the COM port you are going to use instead of letting it do a search. I just drag my laptop with me to the ENDO’s office and we go through the reports together.

Hi Kieth,

In XP you right-click the ‘My Computer’ icon, then left-click ‘Properties’. Go to the ‘Hardware’ tab then click on ‘Device Manager’ radio button. Scroll to the bottom to ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’ and expand it. You’ll see the connector listed in there with a ‘comX’ extension at the end. That is the com port that the cable is using.
When you go into the management software, do NOT let it search but specify what port the pump/meter is using.

Hi Aubrey,

If you run a report (open ezmanager, click ‘Reports’ on top, then ‘Logbook Reports’ in left pane), there is an option that says ‘Show Carbohydrate Info’. Select it and check the option ‘Show All Values’. When the report is run it will show up as the line ‘CHO’ within the report.
You have to download all the meter data at the same time you download all the pump data. Also, you have to be diligent about entering into the meter how many carbs you had each time otherwise the data is useless.
This is how I send my logs to my bg manager and it saves me a lot of time.

Good luck!


Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Will let you know how it works. Audrey