Proof Low Carb Works (for me)

T2, 35 yrs since diagnosed, never in control, ADA suggestions followed, kidney doctor followed, internal med. doc. followed...NOT.....NOW I found a listening, loving and logical Endo. in A1c was 9.5 and killing me. He set me straight on the carb path, I followed it to the "t" and yesterday had a solid 5.1 A1c test...he nearly danced for me. Went through 2 surgeries and kept BG in control with a lotta testing, nurses were in dismay, dr. supported my efforts. I eat 15-45-30 carbs a day...never in any distress, take Lantis, Novolog and that is it! Please try the low carb way and success like mine! I did not qualify for a CGM nor pump and did it all glad to be on the road back and at 75 will be living a little longer I suspect! Now if a few pounds would shed off. HUZZAH


Way to go!

Great job!! We are so proud of you. Sadly many of us have found that we have to find our own way. And to hear you have done that with such success. Did I say how proud we are?

thanks all! having fun on TuD

Congratulations, Sandy!

Hi Sandy!! COngrats!! I have just found the "low carb helps blood sugar" mentality as well. I have always attmepted to follow the norm ADA advice but my blood sugar was everywhere. No Endocrine had ever suggested lowering the overall carb in take. I finaly decided to start researching on my own and figured it couldnt have any worse effect then i am having now. I am proud to say I, too, have finaly found stability with cutting way down on carbs. It feels great to know you are in control!!

thanks Jackie G…truly life changing…now endo is worried aout my lows…but im staying the course…bless you!

Congrats Sandy! Works for me too, and I thought my 5.2 was good! I have always been dismayed by the info that the ADA and FDA put forth. It is so very damaging and makes it pretty much impossible to gain any real control. Let alone achieving an A1c below 6 at best. As far as I am concerned these two entities are a HUGE part of the problem. Here is a fun food blog with tons of great info on low carb foods "all day I dream about food". Check it out for some really amazing recipes and tips on food alternatives. Keep up the great work!

Randy1…hero…You…did not get the URL to check out…bestest!

Thanks Sandy. That is the website.

great tip! saw an ice cream recipe for my kitchen aid mixer attachment…whadda pal!

I'm a Type 1 diagnosed as an adult and have found this to be true for myself. If I eat ANY whole grain items them my blood sugar is up and down and up and down. My Dexcom graph is a mess. When I stay low carb my blood sugar line is flat as can be. Sadly, no doctor told me about LC. I had to learn it on my own. Thank you DEXCOM!

T1 since I was not yet 3
That was 78 years ago
Never ate low carb, just a balanced diet
Now 81 years old
Have pump love it
No cgm
Just keep smiling & enjoy life