Pump - Day 1: Independence Day

Today I met with my pump trainer and for the first time in 26 years I am not dependent on a needle. I know, technically it took a needle to get this started, but it is so totally different. What an experience. I am amazed and terrified at the same time. Will I sleep well tonight? Will I have trouble showering in the morning? I just changed clothes for the first time and held the pump in my hand, thinking ‘what do I do with this?’ I think my basal rate might be set a little high, but it’s too soon to really tell. I have been very insulin resistant in the past, but with the slower delivery, it seems to be working better. Thanks to everyone for posting their stories here and on the many blogs. You really helped me make the decision to pump and let me know what to expect. Never doubt that sharing your stories helps others. It really does.

Such good news! And such change going from injections to a pump!

I’m a Minimed user since September 2000.

I am SO happy to read this. Keep us posted about your progress, girl!!

Hi Elaine! I am fairly new to pumping. I started two months ago and I am still tweaking basals and learning how to make it work with exercise, so good luck to you!