"Pump not primed" issue... possible defect?

Hi all! So I have been pumping since July 2009 and I love it. The last 2 months or so my pump has been doing something strange. At any given time; completely random, my pump will say “pump not primed, no delivery.” This will happen out of no where, when my pump is obviously primed. For instance, last week it happened twice after changing my site the day before and it was working fine before that.

Has this happened to anyone else? I think I’m going to call Animas. I’m worried I have a defect.

My son’s Ping does this any time he accidentally knocks the “cap” off the pump where it holds the reservoir in… which is a condition that I would like it to alert me immediately anyway!

We have since secured the cap better and found better ways to keep it from getting disturbed and it hasn’t happened.

I also had this happen one time when the cap was fine but I’m pretty sure I had an Alkaline battery in it and forgot to set the battery setting to “alk” from “lith”. Not sure if it’s related or not.

If you have any question I would always say you should call Animas, they are very helpful.

Hmm interesting. I will have to pay attention next time it happens and see if it is related to the "cap."
Thank you!

Hi Amanda. We recently had to change my daughter’s pump for the same issue you are having. With that said, just because you are receiving this alert it doesn’t necessarily mean that your pump has a defect. I learned there are several things that can cause this alarm to go off. Check the following: Is your cartridge and site expired? Check on the box to make sure they aren’t. If they aren’t, use another box of cartridges and sites to make sure that they do not have a manufacturing defect that you will not notice but the pump will sense. Also, make sure that your cartridge cap and battery cap is on tight and not cracked. Another thing that may set off the pump is a sudden and extreme temperature change. Both of the Animas reps that I spoke with had me run a history alarm check and nothing unusual showed up. Also, none of the problems they brought up happened with us so we finally concluded that the pump had a defect. They overnighted a new pump to us and I sent back the old pump with the old cartridge back to them. I recommend that you call Animas. They are extremely helpful night and day and are really good at figuring out what is wrong. I hope this helps. Happy holidays!!

This also happened to me a number of times last year and it was not a defect. When I talked with Animas they gave me this list of reasons why this will happen, including your battery or cartridge cap not being fully screwed in, extreme or sudden change in temperature, or the pump falling (it happened once or twice when the pump fell out of my pocket).

If you haven’t already, give them a call and they can run down all the reasons with you and hopefully figure it out.

My son’s pump does this if there are any air bubbles in the line because I have the occlussion sensitivity set to HIGH.

we’ve had this happen a couple of times when my 7 year old is ‘rumbling’ with her older brother! We just detach, re-prime and plug her back in with no problems. I did ask the animas trainer about the priming function and she was a bit mysterious. We consider it a small fault with the pump and weighed against all the animas pings’ great functions – not a big issue. (but maybe for next generation, Animas could look at this along with the crappy resolution of the meter ??)

this is how i handle the problem! i actually was on the phone with animas yesterday discussing the issue at hand! all of what i read in previous replies are the same things i was told.
we have been pumping since june of 08 and this happens about once a month or so. we are also on our 3rd pump! i have a very wild 3 yr old!! (the first two pumps were replaced because my houdini of a child could unzip his pouch, pull out his pump and CHEW on the rubber casing over the buttons)! the 3rd exchange was because of an actual pump malfunction in which it was eating the batteries and causing them to corrode…very smelly! lol.

anyways, when bens pump gives me the ‘pump not primed, no delivery’ warning, i disconnect, re prime…which usually it only takes about 2-3 units to do and then plug him back in and he’s off. (we use the contact detach infusion set, which offers a ‘release’ feature…awesome for a 3 year old).

I have been wearing the Animas for a little over a month now and seem to have unexplained highs of between 400-500 at night-any thoughts as to why. My husband seems to think my control is worse since I switched from the Medtronic pump to the Animas Ping. I find the meter extremely difficult to read and don’t like not being able to see the bolus history from the meter. Needless to say I have been feeling awful from the terrible highs and then the drops into the 50’s when I finally come down. I usually give myself an injection in the forearm when I am that high. I have cut my morning carbs way down since I started wearing the ping after reading the blogs.

I need some suggestions on what to do. Audrey

Hi Audrey,
My daugher (age 12) has been on the Ping since Nov '09, Type 1 since Dec '08. Her overnight BG started our good, then was high throughout Dec and Jan. We had adjustments given by her endo three times by phone, as we were still trying to find her optimal basal rates. The endo just increased her basal, the end of Jan at her quarterly appointment, and she has been much better. I can see from her experience how difficult your days are when you wake up high and try all day to bring your BG into a comfortable range.

I would suggest you give your endo a call, with a couple of weeks of BG readings. I would expect the doctor would be willing to work with you, giving you alternative evening/overnight basals to try, and having you test a couple of times during the night (I know how hard that is, but it will tell them what is happening overnight). They are the experts and we need them to guide us. They don’t have all the answers and it is your body, but they can help steer you in a better direction. A few other things we try: no carb foods after 8 pm, a higher I:C ratio at dinner; a higher basal in the late evening and into the 2 am time.

I would not try to adjust your basals on your own (as some people do), but it sounds to me like they are in need of an adjustment.

Everyone is different, and my daughter is still a child (growing, hormonal, etc). But think of it this way, when we sleep, our bodies repair and replace the cells we damage all day long. Our brains and bodies are being replenished. There is really a lot of activity happening, even though we look like we are at rest. Providing extra insulin overnight lets the BG enter the blood cells and gives the body the energy to perform all of these recovery functions.

I would really recommend you have your basals re-evaluated with your endo or CDE. It will likely help you sleep better, and awaken in a more reasonable range. It may take a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months. Insulin and BG are always in flux.
Good luck to you.

This happens to me in the winter if I don’t make sure my pump is tucked into my coat and out of the cold. The change from the outside cold weather to the warmer inside resets the pump and it give the same warning you mentioned. Hope you figure out what’s going on :slight_smile: