Pump warning me to prime

I woke up this morning to see that the pump has warned me to go prime. The strange thing there is no new reservoir or a new set. I had to change my set today anyways. I checked my sugar levles as well. 318 this morning! Not happy as I saw my levels finally under 150. but why would the pump tell me to go prime??

The old set was fine. I changed it anyways as it needed to be changed today anyways. Any ideas? The reservoir was good and when i checked it, it was good in the pump. I changed the reservoir as well as when I went to prime it to see what the issue was it didnt give me enough to keep it in for the next change. I just hope my sugar levels come down. No ketones thankfully.

You could have developed air bubbles in the tubing which can cause the problem.

I spoke with the CDE who is helping me adjust to the insulin in pump. She told me that when there is an occlusion alarm, the pump will want to prime. I changed the reservoir and the infusion set today as I didn’t know there was an alarm until I looked at the history. But whew, I got worried