Pump warning me to prime

I woke up this morning to see that the pump has warned me to go prime. The strange thing there is no new reservoir or a new set. I had to change my set today anyways. I checked my sugar levles as well. 318 this morning! Not happy as I saw my levels finally under 150. but why would the pump tell me to go prime??

The old set was fine. I changed it anyways as it needed to be changed today anyways. Any ideas? The reservoir was good and when i checked it, it was good in the pump. I changed the reservoir as well as when I went to prime it to see what the issue was it didnt give me enough to keep it in for the next change. I just hope my sugar levels come down. No ketones thankfully.

Sometimes if your cap is not tight, that can happen. I am sure there are other reasons also but I know that one has happened to me several times. I called Animas once because it was happening every time I turned around and after she had me take the cap off & put it back on, the problem went away.

On screen #5 is the Auto Off enabled? If it is, insulin delivery will be suspended after a set amount of time if no buttons are pressed during that set time. It is a safety feature just in case a person might lose consciousness. Maybe this will help.

What does your Alarm History say? If there’s an Occlusion Detected alarm for example, the pump will make you re-prime.

I’ve had it happen for seemingly no reason at all, as well. (I think if it is Auto-Off, then the message screen says that). But if I had a 318 when I woke up I would change my set anyway, because something is not right.

Thanks for the idea about the cap, Kelly, I’ll try that next time.

This can happen is there is a problem with the tubing.

However, it can ALSO happen when the insulin has started to go bad, thickens up, and doesn’t flow through as it should. This has happened to me, and it took me a while to figure it out.

This happens because the software in this pump was designed by a monkey! There are so many things wrong. When you change the battery, you have to re-prime. When you tell the thing you are still alive, you have to prime. And then there is the rapid scrolling issue …

Well, I’m happy with my 1250 and will soon have a new Ping!

If the tube is somehow bumped where it connects to cartridge it will say to prime. Like sometimes I’ll get a bubble there under the cap and unscrew the cap and try to tap it then prime it out. Sometimes when I tap it, it’ll tell me it’s not primed. I still cannot figure out how bubbles get there. I wish I knew.

Thanks guys! I was not happy when my sugar level this morning was in the 300s when I got use to seeing it in the 100s. I changed my reservoir as it was changed on Friday and was due for a change anyways. I changed the infusion set as well. the alarm code that I got was 147-0200. I never gotten the chance to have my boyfriend call tech support to find out the meaning of the code as I changed the infusion set and reservoir anyways. I did talk to the CDE who set up up on insulin and she told me that when I get an alarm the pump will ask to prime so I was relieved that it wasn’t priming! I’m still trying to get use to the insulin in pump. So thanks guys for putting up with me.

My sons pump alarm goes off every now and again. The first time it happened, he had only had the pump a few weeks, he was in a class and did not want to ask for help. He held the “Go Prime” button down and dumped 80 units of insulin into his body. As soon as he realized what he did he left his class and got his Father. We rushed him to the emergency room and he spent the night in the hospital.
He learned never to do that again but it was a very scary experience for all of us.
The last time he had the prime message I noticed his cap was loose, I now ask him to check his cap when he doses with his pump.

OMG how terrifying stirjrhein! At least he recognized his error and went to get his father. We all learn by experience but that must have been a scary one for your son. I’ve heard a few stories like that, maybe one day they will have the pump say out loud “remove set from body” or at least beep if it is still attached.

pump say out loud “remove set from body” or at least beep if it is still attached

Ha-Ha! Really or maybe a small electroshock :slight_smile:
It was scary but I am still grateful for the pump, so far user error has been the only issue.
:slight_smile: Amber

Looks like I’m hanginthe site again…sugar level went high again w/mistreated ketines…oohhh fun…and I have an 11am appt and I’m spending my night trynnto get the levels down…ugh

Amy, I was not able to get 3 days out of the sets. I was using the Insets in the beginning & they kept breaking down. It took a few weeks, but then I started getting hives so had to switch to the steel sets. Maybe your body is just rejecting them also. With the steel sets, you are supposed to change every other day.

Do you actually change the sets every other day, or can you get three days out of them? I’m thinking about a steel set, only because I have a problem with the cannula kinking, etc. Thanks.

I change them every other day. If I leave them in a few hours over 48, I get huge red welts.

It is crazy in the summer because the Apidra breaks down for me and I have to change that every day and a half - I literally have to write stuff down so I know what I did, when.

Sorry you’re having these problems, Amy. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

noticed all the typos. this is what happens when you type a msg on the phone. Keytones went down but sugar level was still high. Changed the reservoir before my appt and sugar level is finally calm for now…I have different basal rates and my breakfast is 1:7 and lunch and dinner is 1:8. I get three days but may change it on Friday to see if it helps. I only have a certain amount of inset30s so I dont want to go through them too fast.

I am in the fine tuning stage. Next appt is April 4th as its the first available for the CDE.