I am very new to diabetes, and I want to start on the Animas Ping, but seriously, does it hurt when you have to put the needle in? Im using 4mm right now, and it looks very long on the Ping!

Keep in mind that not the whole needle goes in…it’s attached to the infusion set and it slides out of that set once inserted. Only about half of the needle length goes inside your body.

I won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, because yes sometimes it does. But so do injections sometimes, if you hit a sensitive spot.

I don’t think it hurts anymore than a needle injection. The sets I use, you pull the needle out and it’s just a tiny teflon canula left. It does not hurt and you only do it once ever few days instead of a few every day :slight_smile:

My suggestion, Christine Lynn since you say you are very new to diabetes is to first get proficient in figuring and tweaking your own insulin doses and in carb counting before you go for the pump. There is a lot to learn to manage diabetes and then there is also a significant learning curve with the pump. So you want to do one before you do the other. I recommend the book Using Insulin by John Walsh and then Pumping Insulin by the same author when you feel ready for the pump.