Pumps in canada

Hi I am wanted to see if anyone can tell me what pump they like the best as
I am looking into pump and yes I have talk to my endo and diabetes nurse and they like the idea as I do a lot of shots each day so here goes what pumps do you like that I can get in canada as I live in burnaby it's still in the vancouver area thanks

I live in the U.S. so I can't really comment on this one, but there is a group on here for diabetics in Canada. I would recommend that group might be able to answer.

Hi Shellyj...I use a Medtronic pump since 2001 ..there are presently 3 brands available to us in BC : Animas,the waterproof one http://www.animas.ca/
Medtronic , which has 2 sizes of reservoirs The newest model 554 and 754 , called Veo and has the possiblity to be worne with a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System http://www.medtronicdiabetes.ca/en/paradigm_veo.html
Omnipod , the tubeless pump http://www.myomnipod.ca/en/index.html?gclid=CI7-sNzK07ACFaUZQgodVHjn1w. .It depends on your personal needs and preferences .Connecting with the Companies Representatives may help you decide ??? maybe wearing a pump for a trial session ???...visiting the different pump groups and comments on TU another way ?? I hope you find the one you will be happy with !

And visit the Canada People's group and pose your question there too as BriannaM suggested ?