Question about Uni-Solve

If you use Uni-Solve to help remove your pod, do you use the individual wipes or a bottle? If you use a bottle how do you apply it?


I have both a bottle of unisolve and the wipes.... I dont use the omnipod, but when I use the bottle of unisolve, I use cotton balls; similar fashion to using nail polish remover on nails.

I used to use just nail polish remover. Hated the smell, so I just rip 'em off now. A bit painful, but still better than MDI :)

I use the individual wipes. Usually takes two to get the pod off and slightly cleaned up after removing it. But it's so much easier getting them off w/ the Unisolve.

We love this product. My daughter has very sensitive skin. Uni-Solve solved all of our problems. I take a paper towel and put it around the pod. I use the bottle and squirt just enough to wet the adhesive. Wait two minutes and…walla…slide it right off. A bottle will usually last us about 6 months.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have some difficulty getting pods off, especially from my lower back and my arms. I’ll definitely be getting some uni-solve. I’ll probably get the wipes and the bottle. Thanks again!

David before I apply the pod I fold a small piece of the adheisive over on it self then when time to remove I push the folded over piece to the pod and roll off. Never have used any remover and have no problems getting them off. I think there is a photo of what I am talking about at my home page. Best of luck. Michael

Thanks Michael. I will have to try that to give myself a "handle" to begin peeling the pod off. Even after getting it started I find it somewhat painful to pull the adhesive off, so maybe a combination of folding a piece of the adhesive and unisolve will work!

Thanks again!