Quick Set Infusion set issues

I have been considering switching from the soft-set to the quick set infusion set and was wondering if there were any other people out there who are extremely active and could give me some info as to how well this set stays adhered in the hot summer months.

I live in Houston and can work up a nice slimy sweat during the summer - never had a problem with the QuickSets coming off b/c of it. Now, I can yank one out easily b/c of my clothing pulling it off, but not because of sweat. It also helps if I use alcohol or IV prep to dry out the skin really well beforehand.

I don’t play sports or anything, but I do have 2 kids. One is almost 4 and the other is 4 months, so I do sweat quite a bit. I have never had trouble with quick sets coming off because of that. Like Kimberly said, they can be easier to yank off because they are small, but not because of activity or sweat.

thank you all for your help

I switched from the Cloe’s to the Quicksets for that very reason! I go out dancing and do some hard workouts as well and so far so good. Even baths don’t seem to bee a problem.

I have used the quick sets and sils both. I prefer the sils just because of the angle. I live in AL where there is high humidity in the summer and I have to use mastisol and then an IV 3000 on top of my infusion sets in the summer to get them to stay on. It doesn’t matter which infusion set I use, I have to do that in the summer months to keep them on. Otherwise my infusion set was sliding off daily.