Tape getting stuck to the tool to insert quick set infusion set

I had a brain storm and followed up on it and ive figured out the problem with the tape sticking to the side of the inserter tool.The old tool use to hold the quick set straight and still while getting ready to install it.So when you turned the tool over to put in in your belly,it didnt move.The new tool does not hold the quick set straight and still so when you turn it to install it,the quick set moves so sometimes it will not be inserted straight and it lets the tape hit the side of the tool and it sticks to the tool.to correct this ,make sure before you click to install that the quick set is lined up straight with the tool and problem solved

No tool needed with Insets :slight_smile:

Good advice Derek. I have had this problem too.

I find that if I hold onto the little blue plastic past that is around the tube until just before I insert, it is usually OK. I just recently started using the QuickSet. So I didn’t realize that the old QuickSerter was better!

Wonder why they changed this?!?

I was told the reason they changed the tool is people complained about the tool not releasing the quick set after you put it in your body,so now it just dont hold it at all is what i have found