Rant: my iPhone not scanning Libre 2 sensors

Has anyone else had this problem? I was getting a lot of glitches while scanning Libre 2 sensors with my iPhone SE 2020. I contacted customer service and got a new sensor. However, the problems continued and eventually, my phone will not recognize any sensor. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again to make sure I get the latest version. I was recently on the phone with Abbott customer service (:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and I they had me try downloading the app directly from the Abbott website. And of course, I’ve “rebooted” my phone before doing these things.

I haven’t even downloaded the latest iOS software, but still the older version should work. I really hate having to remember to bring one more device with me when I go out and of course, to remember to keep it charged. One thing I’m wondering about is restoring my phone to factory settings. But do I really want to do this?! Would it be worth it? And I just finished paying for this phone. Sigh.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m not expecting any solutions, I just want to rant and see if anyone shares my pain. :wink:

I bought a new/used iPhone and it worked fine for 2 months, but now is not scanning the sensors at all. Very pissed off.

you can try juggluco…it uses Bluetooth andit might be easier to use it alongside xdrip ios also

I got excited then Googled juggluco… for Android only. Poop. Thanks anyway! Anything similar that will work with iPhones?

Looks like I could fork out $200 US for a NightRider and use BluCon. Wish I had $200 US… :frowning:

I had a similar problem a few years ago, when the NFC (Near Field Communication) stopped working on my iPhone 8+. The Apple store confirmed that there was no fix for it, so I purchased a refurbished phone from Amazon, and it has been scanning my Libre sensors perfectly ever since.

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Thanks, dogramma. I read about that on a UK forum. One person was able to get around that by using an app called Gototags. Didn’t work for me though. Shrug.

Like you, the first time it happened I eventually bought a refurbished phone and it worked fine for a couple months. It’s still under their 90-day warranty so I’ve asked them for a replacement. We’ll see how it goes, but the track record with this phone model has not been good, at least as far as the Libre sensor is concerned. Fingers crossed!

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libre linkup and glooroo might work, or glucose direct test flight…i wouldn’t give up though, just keep trying until(/if) your replacement phone arrives…again, im using Android so i apologize for juglucco not working, i have used blu con, but had a lot of trouble trying to make it work successfully with xdrip(which now works on ios), but that was maybe 2 years ago…if you do go the night rider way, you’ll also want to get 100 murano(used to be sony) cr2032’s, flexfit tape, and take a look at their app and make sure itll work for you

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Did you buy both phones from the same place? <-That’s my smart question, the next two are dumb so I’ll beg forgiveness in advance… Have you removed the phone from any case/battery/folio/wallet and had the same problem? When you are scanning are you keeping your fingers clear of the top bezel of the phone?

To test that this is a hardware issue and eliminate the libre or libre app as part of the problem is to try to use Apple Pay at a store card reader/pin pad with the phone not in a case. If Apple Pay doesn’t work its the phone.

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No, I bought the phones from 2 different places.

Yes, I did remove the case and had the same problem. Fingers are clear.

I have been having problems with Apple Pay. I guess that’s the defining factor.

Hopefully my replacement phone will work. And work longer than 2 months this time. If not, Roger5 has a few suggestions for me to try.

Thank you for those suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind. I’m hoping my new phone will arrive before I need to put on a new sensor and of course, that it will work.

Love this forum. Thanks all for your help.

Hoping the third ones the charm.