I want to be a part of this community. I do feel by and large misunderstood. I was first diagnosed like 15 years ago and find myself today once again fighting to maintain both a healthier diet, but also daily exercise and testing. My numbers have not responded like they used to and I keep working hard on it. Hardly ate yesterday and waking was 160 (actually lower then prior two days). Anybody else have any thoughts?

I can understand your frustration in that what worked before is working now. But the reality of diabetes whether type 1 or type 2, is it is always changing. Always changing! What worked for me last week, just might not work at all this week.
All I can say is just keep plugging along. It is forever and you can’t let it beat you. It’s hard but if you just make small goals and just work on one thing at a time, you can find some control.
I think many make the mistake of trying to “fix” everything all at the same time. So I always suggest find one thing that will give you the biggest bang for the buck. If that means testing 2 times a day instead of 1 and that will give you some good results, do it. If it is walking around the block a couple times a week, do it. You have to find what your big issue is and make a small optainable goals. And celebrate the small successes!
The disease is always changing and your treatment plan needs to change also. Hang in there and keep asking for help and let us know what your goals are. The more people know what you’re trying to do, the more likely you will succeed.


I agree with @Sally7’s sentiment. With diabetes, T1D or T2D, there is no such thing as a perfect formula for your treatment. Instead, focus on incremental improvements that can make your life better, not perfect, just better!

Don’t turn your back on your diabetes! Treat it with the due respect it deserves. You don’t need to fixate on it but do observe its behavior and act on those observations. I view diabetes as the mortal enemy that it is. The better I can control it, the better it makes my entire life. See diabetes as a long game and calibrate your efforts with that in mind. Good luck!


So since mid September I have been unemployed. While employed, I was unable and willing to make an effective effort at exercise. Last A1c was worst ever. Now I take dog for long walks and the exercise has seemed to help in lowering readings. My expectation is if I return to the workplace, the challenge will once again increase for me.

Yeah, I get it. Working full time can make it so very hard. After a long day at work most just want to relax. I get it. I was that person! But over the years & watching my husband getting so much out of exercising after work, I realized it not only helps with the blood sugars, it helps me release any work stress I might have taken with me. And I tell everyone, a dog is a great reason to walk. My little puppy must be walked everyday, twice a day. Otherwise she can drive us all crazy with all the energy. Just think of your dog as a must do everyday! Keep us posted on how things go once you get back to work.


You will often see us use the phrase, “Your diabetes may vary” or just YDMV. So, we can tell you what WE would do, but that may or may not be the right solution for you.

Although exercise is beneficial for many reasons, I don’t think it’s a major player in weight loss. Nor do I think semi-fasting is a good strategy either. My primary reference on this is Dr. Richard Bernstein — his book, “Diabetes Solution” and his tele-seminars.

In the past four months, I’ve lost about 15 pounds and gotten my A1c down to 6.6 That doesn’t put me in the winner’s circle or even get me a bronze medal, but it’s about the best I’ve done in a very long time. While I did work at using the treadmill for part of that time, I think what really made the difference was reducing the carbs. I eat no bread, pasta, rice, etc. The only carbs I get are from either vegetables or sauces, salad dressings, etc. And even then I’m careful about the carb counts. I’m not trying to get to the point of being in ketosis, but I have tried some of the "fat bombs’’ that some following that diet use. And even that didn’t do much to my weight. I have not really restricted my calorie intake and I have not felt hungry.

I have always done many blood sugar tests both when I was working and now in retirement, so that’s never been a challenge for me. If I think I might go high in the night, I’ll take an extra shot and then set the alarm to wake me to do a check at 3 am or so.

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My hat is off to you! 6.6 is a damn good number. I am working very hard to get myself back to that kind of respectability. I want to thank you and the others who have replied. I feel there may be a better understanding here in the “community” of the negative feelings that accompany the dilemma of high readings, diet and exercise…Its crazy! Yesterday was going so well. Walked dog, barely ate a late afternoon reading of 92. The next thing I know, I am watching a playoff game with friends and today? after only an evening need to “re-dedicate”. anyway I hope to encourage greater dialog as I need it and would hope it would be helpful to others here! BTW Bread is my weakness that I am trying to avoid. It is very hard.

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Canadian Thanksgiving was this past weekend and I’m a mess. I see my doctor tomorrow and I’m going to be able to report that I experimented with the dramatic meal changes. Hopefully she will also see some value in my numbers. The really strange thing is how hungry I’ve been since jumping back onto the carb wagon this past week. It has really driven home the facts that:

  1. I need to reduce my carbs and totally avoid refined carbs (bread, pasta, rice) in any quantity and even restrict potatoes & sweet potatoes :sob:

  2. 2 meals a day plus a small snack works best for me (intermittent fasting that my doctor recommended)

  3. Exercise helps but it doesn’t fix poor food choices

I think that we are all a work in progress and that if we can take the ups and downs and learn something from them, recording it then we will have some information to draw from in the future. Good luck with this journey

While no one is going to mistake keto bread, rice, etc. for the real thing, they can add some much needed variety to a low carb diet. For that matter, I don’t think anyone would confuse Wonder Bread for the real thing either!

Visit YouTube and search on keto and whatever specific food you are looking for. That doesn’t mean you have to be on the keto diet, just borrowing a few recipes that appeal. I’ve tried several of these recipes, including keto ice cream and like them a lot.


Been a little while since checking in.After a weekend of plenty I am very pleased to share numbers continue to improve.
Saturday night found me making a huge pot of chili for the family. On that days walk with dog we came across a Barred owl who sat in a tree about 90 feet away.It is an amazing thing when nature is discovered or shared at your door. Yesterday after a very dietetic day of golf followed by football on TV, I was treated to a toasted bagel with Nova Scotia salmon and all the trimmings. Imagine the delight as my waking number was 131. Details on the day. My son offered me a banana at the turn and turned it down (we had egg whites with feta cheese for breakfast). I have been a big eater all my life and find it is easier to diet the less I eat. I also hoped to test before lunch! As it turned out we ate lunch at the course and I was able to resist the unbelievable the fresh bread offerings that included a olive twist that looked fresh out of oven and the room temperature butter that accompanied it. The other two players ordered a wrap and a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato on rye (I was soooo tempted). When my son ordered a salad with grilled shrimp, I followed in suit. During football we barely ate. Actually my wife put out cut up grilled (apple) chicken sausage with a little tomato sauce to dip it in which was very satisfying! I think I will start a food thread as if I am not eating , at lease I can talk, write about it. See you there.