Really want to dangerous is eating Edy's Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream?

I need to know just how dangerous it is for me to be eating ice cream...( I don't have it every night...but, I do love ice cream.) My hubby and I were at the grocery store tonight..and he absolutely put his foot down(a second time, I might add) on me buying ANY ice cream...he keeps telling me that if I want to lose body parts..that he wants NOTHING TO do with it..however ..then after this "lecture" he always adds.".I almost lost you on the day after our wedding day!" (I walked into E.R....because I had high sugar numbers,and was severely dehydrated!!..I stayed at the hospital for about two to three days, and was finally diagnosed with type two. I actually was sick with it the day before..and a bit before that..and more than likely had diabetes for a while but, never even realized it.)

Anyhow, to continue,my hubby got into that "lecturing mode" that he usually gets into...and tells me off while we are shopping or when we are driving to the store to shop. It almost gets "ugly" because I am extremely stubborn and he gets extremely angry with me...I end up usually backing down..and telling him "Fine, okay..I won't get the D*** ice cream!!!" but, I will tell you..I am NOT a happy camper!!! NOT by a lonnnng shot!!!

SO...just to ask you now...Is having the ice cream..just way to DEADLY for me to have in the first place and I should NEVER have any of it...or can I have it..or should I just learn to have to LIVE WITH OUT IT? Sorry..I am not angry with you....I am still rather upset...because every time I mention that I am upset about NOT buying the ice cream..he brings up the fact that I nearly died..and that he does NOT want to lose me..(which I understand..and NO, I am not stupid, nor trying to act stupid here..I got it!!) but, I WANT that ice cream!!!!!!!!


P.S. We also have pizza and steak, and potatoes..and sometimes fast foods, chinese foods etc..(Not all foods raise my blood, I KNOW that I obviously can't have certain foods all that often or that much of them. Ice cream is so so..but, because of the fats and sugars..that is why I am asking this to you all. Oh and before I forget..he has type two diabetes..but, his is NOT like mine is...his sugars are better than mine are...and apparently he has to check HIS sugars every few weeks or so...(that's the directions his doc' gave to him!!



I’m the first person to respond to this post, and you may not like my answer, but I’m sure others will follow that might be a bit more gentle. Here is my response: This situation you describe doesn’t have very much to do with ice cream at all. To me it is about the dynamic that has developed between you and your husband regarding the management of your diabetes, and if this is a regular thing IT is not healthy! It is not his job to tell you what you can and can’t eat! He can suggest, he can inquire, but you are a grown-up so it is your choice and he needs to back off as hard as that may be for him to do!

Now that having been said, here’s the part you won’t like: You are not ACTING like a grown-up! You are acting like a spoiled child who is being told no by daddy and is stamping her feet and saying’, “I’m going to do what I want even if it’s bad for me!” His controlling is bringing out your rebelling when really what should be happening is you the adult doing what is best for YOUR body and YOUR diabetes. Now comes the part that other people may diagree with. Imho that taking care of your diabetes does not involve ice cream. I really don’t think that regular (sugar) ice cream has much place in the diet of a diabetic. Like I said, bring it on because not everyone agrees. But the bottom line is again, it is your diabetes. What does YOUR blood sugar tell you? Ignore your husband, eat a satisfying serving of ice cream and test your blood sugar.And be sure to test again if you like many of us can’t resist a second serving later that evening.

I know you are very upset… and that you want to eat your ice cream. I hear you, loud and clear. I want to eat the whole damn box of pizza, myself. It’s very hard to give up something you love. But the reality is that, as Diabetics, we either manage the portions of carbs that we eat, and learn to incorporate those in our daily diet, or we face very long term complications. I am not very sure just how much ice cream you are having, when you do have ice cream, but it doesn’t sound like it’s just 1/2 cup… and I am not sure what you consider to be a high blood sugar level, but I will tell you this: People who spend extended time with blood sugars above 140 mg/dL WILL experience complications. They are slow, and they creep up on you. And it is HARD to stop that train, once it’s knocking on your door. I know, because I saw my father… whom I just adored… deteriorate quickly, once these complications started, and then die from them.

I don’t want to, in any way, sound patronizing, or preachy to you. That is the last thing that you need, right now… but I would like for you to consider reading more, outside of what your doctor tells you, about how to properly manage Diabetes, from sites like “Blood Sugar 101.” You have to make the decision to care for yourself, yourself… and no one can tell you otherwise… But know this – your family is worth more than some damn ice cream, and they WILL be angry, and have the right to be angry when it all is said and done.

I know I was very angry at my dad, after he passed away, for a long, long time, and he watched his diet best he could, according to all those ADA standards that claim being anywhere below 180 mg/dL after a meal is okay. It was NOT okay. I love pizza, but I love my family more than pizza… and it is not a food I have very good control over… so I don’t eat it at restaurants, or order it out. Instead, I try to make healthy, low-carb alternatives to pizza, at home… for myself. You can do this, too, with an ice cream making machine… and using Stevia.

It is acceptable for Diabetics to have some sugar in their diet… but it has to be managed. You just can’t have a jug of the ice cream, and hope for the best because you didn’t top 180 mg/dL! I hope you can get the most benefit from sites like this one, and from people’s posts and comments… and I wish you the best of luck in managing your Diabetes.


I agree with what has already been posted. You do not say in your original post how you manage your D. With diet only, oral medications, insulin, limit carbohydrates etc.

If a person manages appropriately, has a reasonably good A1c, and counts carbohydrates, I see no reason they can not enjoy some ice cream occasionally. By occasionally - it would not be daily or even every other day. Eating ice cream - the carbohydrates, should be planned as part of your daily total. All ice creams are not equal, so if you want to splurge once in a blue moon, besure to have selected a low carb brand.

agree w/ Liz. you can have ice cream but you have to control the portions and/or do something to control your sugar spike either take additional meds or exercise.

I enjoy ice cream and pizza but have to small amounts of available to me cause it’s very easy for me to overindulge. the best way to fight temptation i find is to not have it in the house at all. but that’s me YMMV

Thank you for your responses…sorry I was out of sorts…I was still rather upset with the hubby! I posted on my blog what I do with regards to my diabetes…you can read my answers about how I handle my illness/eating etc,

I also want to add that I may have to seriously look for an ice cream maker either at Target or Bed,Bath and Beyond…unless you have some greater ideas out there…anybody?

The one that I have(that is packed away in my homestate) is a “Donvier” (sp?) Ice cream maker…qt size…that’s a great one!!! But, if you have any better suggestions…please let me know!! Also, if you have any great recipes you can also write to me as well! I would love some!!

I also wanted to know if anybody has ever made a chocolate tufu pudding pie with graham cracker crust? I have had it once…before I had the diabetes…a former friend of mine who had a congenital heart illness, made this pretty delicious pie…and it was made with tofu of all things!! It was supposed to be a LOT healthier for you in general…I have seen other recipes similar…and will still be searching online…but, just wondered if any of you have tried anything like this at all?

I am also hoping to cook more things with zucci’s(Zuccini’s and squash and other “healthy” vegtables as well).
Just gotta step it up some…(by the way…I am soooo tired of Pizza, personally…but, hubby…who has diabetes as well…eats pizza! He has the type of diabetes that you test every two weeks or so…I guess it’s like “borderline” for him…but, he DOES have diabetes.

Thanks again!!


used to have a recipe for a PB tofu pie that was AWESOME. will have to check on it when I get bck home

As previously mentioned, control the portion and take extra meds or exercise to counteract the carbohydrate/fat content. I know I have an issue with serving sizes (he he). I found that there are little individual cups with the spoon built into the lid, I think hagen daas makes them? You might want to check into those that way you can have your ice cream and your hubby is assured you are still being careful

Ya gotta love that guy…

FYI…Breyers makes CarbSmart Ice Cream Bars…not Edys…not bad either.
Another thought…buy an ice cream maker and experiment with making your own…if your bs can stand dairy carbs…

I don’t think ice cream is the best food choice & let your meter be your guide. One problem is that the more sugary foods you eat, the more you’ll crave them. It’s a vicious cycle.

You can make your own low carb ice cream using heavy cream, flavorings & sweetener. It’s a better alternative.

Some people have strong reactions to the sugar alcohols (sorbitol & anything ending in a “tol”) in sugar-free foods, so tread carefully with sugar-free candy & ice cream. Sugar alcohols can cause stomach upset (gas, diarrhea) when eaten in quantity. In some people, sugar alcohols act just like sugar on BG.

I feel that as long as you have a bit, maybe as a treat once a week you should be okay. But remember that a small bit is about 1/2 a cup. Of course like previously mentioned you can also make your own ice cream, which would taste better and be better for you. It’s a lot of fun too (I used to make my own ice cream when young) but I still would think you wouldn’t want it more then once a week if you must. You can dress it up too and make it seem bigger. Get a pretty tea cup to have it in and a dainty little spoon! :smiley:
Just watch your blood sugar like everyone else has said.

Did eating ice cream put you in the hospital? Not really. But I agree, portion control, meal plan, and you can include ice cream. And those little servings that Ben and Jerry, etc, have in the store, are the best. If you only buy one, that is.

Hmm… upon reading this post, I had to stop and think to myself…
it’s not dangerous to eat ice cream as long as you control the portions you are eating. Everyone is about right, a 1/2 cup of ice cream will be best and you will have to check your bg if you want to have another serving later in the day.

I am also guilty – I love ice cream and it’s something hard to give up. Your blog reminds me of my husband (he’s not diabetic, but it does also run in his family), and we can both get into it, especially when it comes to sweets. For example, I went to the grocery store and saw Airheads – I loved those candies as a kid, so I couldn’t resist and bought them. I carried it with me into the car and showed him them … boy, was he angry at me.

So you’re not alone… :slight_smile:

take care and enjoy that ice cream, but remember control the portions you eat!

Ice cream (without added candy like caramel veins and chocolate deposits) is generally healthier than cake and cookies because lactose breaks down more slowly than sucrose, and calcium is essential. The less fat the better, and go low sugar if you do not take insulin. Measure half a cup into your ice cream bowl, memorize how it looks so you can eyeball that amount, and don’t cheat and serve yourself more. Use it to reward yourself for exercising; do not eat sweets when you’re sitting on your butt. It’s better to have a little ice cream every day than wait until you can’t stop yourself from eating a quart.