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It’s great to see the looping discussion take root here at TuD! I guess it just takes a critical mass of enough people to make it useful.

I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments from @Laddie, @Trying, @mohe0001, @BradP, @MA11, @Lorraine and others.

While I have not used the jojo branch, I have employed that idea in a more manual fashion. I set a temporary low target (Pre-Meal), like 65 mg/dL (3.6) when I’m trending higher than I’d like and then a temporary higher (Workout) target when I’m trying to treat lows without glucose tabs.

I think of this like pressing on the accelerator or brakes for the car to control its speed. I also use Afrezza to smack down glucose trends that are higher than I’d like. I realize that that is not a looping technique but it works so well for me that it takes away my motivation to learn something more sophisticated.

In any case, welcome to all the new looping activity at TuD. I also regularly visit the Looped Facebook group to learn from a much larger group over there.


Here is the link to the zulipchat on pod absorption resolution which really helped me:

If you can’t access zulipchat, let me know, and I’ll copy in the important parts of the post by Mark Yeager.



Just ordered my backup rileylink last night and it will ship on Monday. So glad to see them back in stock again!

Also did the developer. Seriously thinking of doing JoJo Beeps this next time I have to re-sign but now I won’t have to keep re-signing every 7 days! Yeah!


Does anybody know how/where we look up error codes? Yesterday, stuff shut down, possibly from this error: “The operation couldn’t be completed: Shareclient.shareerror Error 0”

Did your failed pod screech?

Have you read/reviewed the Omnipod fault section of LoopDocs?

More fault event codes at Github.

Thanks for posting the link. I went onto ZulipChat yesterday and couldn’t find the post. Now that I have read it, I am not quite sure what to make of it. It’ll give his technique a try and see if it makes a difference.

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I suspect that I have to go through the code in the share package, inside the Loop code, and try to identify where that error is. Someone suggested it might be some kinda https error. Not sure. Didn’t look today. Will let you know if I find it.

This error means that Loop had a problem accessing your Dexcom share account (maybe typo in your share username or password?).

But, before we go on to debug this any further, lets step back for a moment: which CGM are you using, and how exactly? Is it G4, G5 or G6, and do you have Dexcom app running on your iPhone? If that’s the case, than you do not really need to setup Dexcom share in Loop, Loop will pick up Dexcom bg readings locally, without the need for Internet access to Dexcom share server.

G6. Yes, the data was collected inside the Dexcom app, but didn’t appear in Loop. Communications were lost somewhere. It was strange because my internet went down during a storm. But, that shouldn’t affect the comm. I wonder if this error gets thrown when the RL is too far away. But, I would have expected someone to recognize it if that was it. Such a common event! It started working again on its own.

Its probably a good exercise for me to either find this in the docs or somewhere.

If your internet went down, and if you are relying on Dexcom Share to get your CGM data, then the error you are seeing would pop up to tell you that Loop was unable to reach the Dexcom Share server. You should not need the Share server access at all. If Dexcom app is collecting data but the data is not showing up in Loop, then: 1. double-check that your transmitter ID is correctly entered and then 2. try rebooting your iPhone, and restarting both Dex and Loop app.

Not a common event at all - you should not see this type of error if the Dex app is working, and you entered the transmitter ID into Loop correctly. See this section of the Loop docs.

No, this error has nothing to do with comms to RL.

I thought the share server error was, "The operation couldn’t be completed: Shareclient.shareerror Error 1.” This is Error 0. Someone suggested the error was related to https, but I have no idea.

I dont think this was a transmitter error because share was receiving data. The break was between Share and Loop. Comm just dropped out for 6 hours, and then started up again on its own.

Sorry, let me clarify, I didn’t mean that this particular error is common, just that is common to walk out of range of the RL. looking for the simple solutions first! Thanks, Dragan, I’ll keep hunting. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Anybody have the link to setting up a Vm thru VMWare? Someone is asking for it and I lost it.

This the one?

That looks like it. I just found it in the docs. I was just coming on to update. Thanks so much, Brad. Also, thanks for not saying “check the docs,” lol. I just updated my system and got the new RL running, but I didn’t want to throw out this pod, so I’ll be up and running in a couple days, again.

I think the update will put an end to all those ShareErrors that the system was throwing. (Unless that was a prblem on the Dexcom side…it seems to have kinda gone away.) But, since we got snow today, thunderstorms that keep bringing down my internet will be over for a while, too.

Hope the storms pass quickly and your internet stabilizes. Love the virtual machine route. I didn’t want to invest any more money into this project for a mac laptop.

I’m still running an older version of JoJo Beeps. Thinking of installing dev but this seems to work so I’m afraid to delve into dev and start having problems.

Anyone gone from beeps to dev? What’s the main differences? Is it worth trying?

beeps has temporary basals, right? That was not previously in dev. Although, now we have something new called temporary overrides, which might be the same thing.

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This was suspected to be due to BT comm failures (which iphone has been working on), firmware on the transmitter (which loop has worked on), or could have been an issue on the Dexcom side (Dexcom has done some work on their servers), but could also have been an issue on the hardware side of my iphone. I’m not seeing this error anymore. No changes to the system. It just stopped happening. Haven’t thrown that error in a month (maybe 4-6 weeks).

Looks like I definitely need to try dev then! I’m off Tues/Wed this next week so I will try to work it in then.

I so can’t wait until Tidepool comes out with the FDA approved version so we can use not only the newer pods without the need of the rileylink but also can download updates easily through the Apple store!

Any idea how long out we are? I think there is a trial going on right now isn’t there?

Omnipod says 2020. But, these things are often late. We’ll see.