Remote Healing

I noticed here on TuDiabetes when someone is sick or goes to the hospital that often times we have a blog requesting everyone to pray or send good vibes to the person so that they do well and heal quickly.
I don't know if it is an urban legend, but I read that a whole bunch of people meditated together. It was about two thousand. They meditated on peace in New York City. Supposedly the crime rate went way down.
This story may be like the placebo effect. Did you know that when people are given a medication that is a placebo that 20% of them get better?

I wonder if remote healing really works. I don't care why, I just hope hat it does. Anyway, our friend Reed is getting a biopsy tomorrow. He is 86 years young if I remember right. I am going to start meditating right now that he has a good day today, sleeps well tonight, and when he has his biopsy tomorrow it goes off without a hitch. I want him to be supported by the community. If you can find it in your heart to send good vibes Seagator's way, please do. He is the handsome guy that is a featured member. A lot of you probably know him because he welcomes so many people to our site. Thanks, Lots.

i will definitely send good vibes seagators way, hoping everything goes well-didnt know his name was reed!

I love your heart, lotsofshots, and will participate in the good thoughts for Reed. Thanks

Sending healing thoughts to Reed, may the biopsy show that nothing is wrong.

Lots, thanks for writing this. we've seen some pretty amazing things happen here when we gather to support a member facing a scary surgery, a frightening diagnosis. not too long ago when you were in the hospital, omg, the power of our community spirit was really a force to be reckoned with.

Tomorrow also our friend here Biketteis getting cataract surgery. She's been basically blind for a while, and we are asking for success tomorrow on the eye #1. (she's going to have to have the other eye done separately).

Now Reed, the "Seagator" holds a special place in my heart. I want him to also feel we are gathering around him, giving him our heartfelt messages of support and love. He's the Energizer bunny! I can't get him to take a day off from welcoming new members and wishing all on the birthday list Happy Birthday. Reed, sleep well tonight, and prayers for you to get in and get out tomorrow as quickly and painlessly as possible! We love ya Pops!

Go Seagator! You have already beaten diabetes in a massive achievement! I hope everything goes well for you!!

Hope it all goes well, Reed; I think you are one of the all around nicest people in this little "town" of ours!

I am a strong believer in the idea that if we believe in our healing that it can be a reality. Our thoughts give Reed strength and that is what matters. I will be thinking about our dear friend Reed and hoping that he overcomes this obstacle and returns to us stronger than ever.

You've been in my thoughts and prayers for a while now Reed.
May you feel the love and strength and support from our community
to get you through any negative health issues. Good vibes sent
your way.

Healing thoughts being sen to Reed :-)

let's keep Reed and Bikette in our thoughts and prayers. hopefully they are home recovering now, (deep breaths), and comfortable in their own beds. HUGS friends, if i hear something, I'll post here.

Yes, good thoughts for both Reed and Bikette ..this TuD Power is Strong !!

My thoughts and prayers are with you both...Seagator and Bikette. Lotsofshots, I also hope you're feeling well.

Let's hear it for the power of positivity!! Virtual hugs and and long-distance healing energy to Reed and Bikette, and let's add catlover to the list as well.

I am sending Prayers for Seagator and continually for Bikette.
God bless,

Thinking good warm thoughts for Bikette and Reed. This community continues to take my breath away.

Ice cream it is. Best luck tomorrow, Susan!

Susan,I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow and praying all goes well with your procedure.
Take care, Kat

me too sue!

Mmmmm yup, real food would be Good. I don't blame you at all for being tired
of the tube. Hoping that your wish comes true tomorrow Susan. Be well.