Retinopathy..anything new?

I’ve had another medium bad leak. My biggest problem is the speckles/coffee ground junk that jusust stays there forever. I have a 95 yr old parent and a hubby with cancer. And they really need me to be driving. Anyone know of any new treatments, injections, drugs, good sunglasses???The eye that was my worst has held up for years and years. the other eye has had laser, and maybe three Avast injections, last major issue was 2019. Frustrating.

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Oh my gosh, Laura. Be careful. This happened to Brad_P over pandemic where a bunch of people were relying on him to drive and surgery shut him down. If you need it for a bit, my buddy who is loosing his vision would recommend Uber…I know that’s not ideal. Maybe you could get a remote appointment at the Mayo?


I don’t know about new eye treatments, but as for the shuttling your loved ones around… Most counties in the US, to my knowledge, offer free/cheap medical transport to those in need.

For instance, I live in the middle of nowhere, but I can still get free transport for medical appointments ($5 if you’re hitching a ride on an already scheduled run for a non-medical reason - like dropping off at the airport) to the nearest small city, and once a month they offer a ride to the nearest large(ish) city with a major medical center, which is almost 6 hours round-trip.

I always use that once-monthly shuttle to see my retina specialist, because I don’t want to drive home after having my eyes screwed with. It’s near impossible to use it for lasering appointments, though, because they do those at the end of the day… Later than the shuttle wants to leave.

Yes, that went well. My husband spent three weeks in the hospital in 2/20, with sepsis. I just didn’t feel good driving downtown so I used Uber and it was ok. Except for a few people who did maybe 95 on the freeway. I had white knuckles…lol. My husband is fine to drive and drive me around, but he gets tired easily and is trying to go to the gym program for cancer patients. Mom has found some church rides, new friends, and she likes that. But she likes me to come over once or twice a week to do little things. She’s only five minutes away. I just wont be able to lift anything for her.

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I’ve had Eylea (by Regeneron) injections and they worked for me over approximately a year of monthly injections. It does have side effects though. Mine were floaters but thank goodness only one that bothers me, and I’ve gotten used to it.

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I asked my surgeon about that and she was going to use it, but then she moved and I didn’t have any other injections. So I think Avast is all I ever had. I’ve been seeing floating things ever since my first laser, many years ago. You learn to ignore it right? :slight_smile:

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Have you considered trying taurine. Very good for diabetic complications with notable benefit in retinal disorders:

I use it as a broad spectrum diabetes complication supplement. It covers many issues: nerves, retina, heart, endothelial function, liver, reproductive organs, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cholesterol, likely Covid 19 through it’s beneficial actions on immunity, endothelial function, the lungs, and the renin angiotensin aldosterone system, etc.

It’s really quite remarkable. There are few if any drugs on the market which can compete with this cheap supplement and it’s pleiotropic effects.

The only way you’d be able to match it’s effects is with a polypharmacy ( many pill ) approach.


Thanks for the info. No I hadn’t heard anymore than my vet suggested it for my dog! Will read up on it.