Rileylink loop

My on/off switch broke off. I was turning it on and off to reset it and I don’t know where it ended up. My link is not operational as it is off. Is there anyone I can contact? I purchased in October. I don’t know if it can be fixed or if I need to replace. Any help would be welcome. Thank you!

Wherever you purchased it from would be the starting point of who to contact. Or if you can find someone with basic electronics skill and a soldering iron they could almost certainly fix it as long as the PCB wasn’t damaged. Maybe drop into a Radioshack or equivalent if there’s any nearby.
The hardware schematics are all posted here (links not allowed so you’ll need to put it back together):
github dot com/ps2/rileylink/tree/master/hardware

can you stick a ballpoint pen in there and switch it back on? Maybe take the case off to get at it.

You can contact for help.

You might want to consider ordering a backup unit. My RileyLinks have been fairly durable but I have had to replace one in the last three years.

The on/off switch is a weak spot in the design of this device. I always try to use good lighting so that I can cycle the on/off switch with out using too much force. I use a pen tip.

I bought a cheap $1 jewelers screwdriver kit and use the 2nd smallest tip. I keep my rileylink in a case and have to power cycle every 1-3 days for the last few months. I’ve had it for maybe 9 months and so far so good. I would highly recommend ordering a backup. I have one but so far haven’t needed it.