Rude people

A woman I've worked with for 5 years just told me a story about her cruise she went on last week. Was a the kiddie pool with her family and a man started acting crazy screaming and dunking his child. Bad I know but turns out guy's BS was 15. The next day the guy and his family were on the same stingray swim, she told her kids to stay away from him because he might go crazy again. Sad, she is a nurse. Why did she tell me that story?
Are people really that stupid? Just wanted other opinions, I am I being too sensitive?

No debbie, you are not being to sensitive. I think that title goes to your nurse friend.

There are other things I would like to say. But manners and good sense tells me to keep that to myself.

Fear is a powerful thing. If I saw a man go crazy, I would not ask why. I would just tell my kids to avoid him too, If he was a family member of friend I might take the time to find out why or explain it to my kids.

People are judged by their behavior. It is sad that he had a low in public like that. I wish things were different.
Perhaps if that man were to tell the nurse what his problem was and explain it, it could have been different the next day.

I have a 7 year old daughter, If I see a crazy person. I just walk on by, If I knew he needed help, I would try to help, but as you know Low sugar effects people differently and how would any even know he is diabetic.

Timothy I understand what you are saying, but the person was being treated by the medical team at poolside. The crew were telling people around what had happened. I understand when you have children circumstances are different. But being a nurse, as I am also, you should understand that a what happened was not something that he planned or realised at the time. I know protecting children is the forfront of everything but maybe she could of taking that moment to explain what had happned and why. She also could have informed the kids to watch out for further symptoms and to not judge before knowing what the full siuation is.