Changing the flat batteries of a dead Dexcom G4 "Slim" transmitter (Instruction)

Hi guys!

I have successfully replaced the batteries of the newer “slim” G4 transmitter.
The procedure is comparable to the old 7+ one. It has only one PCB and you can
replace the batteries from the upper side.

Here is the link to my detailed instruction with many pics.



Very tidy and nicely documented. I was surprised to see that you used glue to reapply the top (+ battery strap) flap on the replacement battery. Is there any reason you did not solder this connection? Your method obviously works.

The advantage of using glue for the strap is, that it is absolutely flat and
there is no heat conducting to the battery. But of course - if you are a solder-pro,
you can fix the strap via a small flat solder point heating the battery for maybe
a second.

I was worried about the glue impairing the conductivity between the battery strap and the battery itself. I guess the scoring you did to the top of the battery helped with that connection. I’m impressed!

Yes, the scoring helps. If the strap is moving down under pressure, the glue
scatters under the strap. There is mostly one small arera without glue and this
is the contact point. :wink: Works - and everyone can do this without technical skills.

I’m trying this now, it’s more difficult to remove the battery than it looks. I used a diamond tip hole saw that worked well for cutting down to the battery. 12mm or 13mm is about the perfect size. I just had to be careful to stop once the hole saw hit metal. I’m working on the slim G4 transmitter.

Hi Joern, Are your directions available somewhere else? The link you give on tudiabetes doesn’t work anymore.

Hi! Yes i know. There is something going strange. I will
post the instructions on another platform the next days and
edit the link. Stay tuned …

Yes please, I hope the instructions are available again soon. I still have a few months on my transmitter but want to make sure I have all the tools at hand to attempt a replacement when it ends up failing.

IMO, trying to change those batteries is like trying to perform a difficult lap choley. I’d just as soon not, thank you!

This is clearly the sort of “project” which those who might pursue it are as likely to do for the pleasure of the work as for any possible savings they might glean from it. No?

I think I get it now: I can understand the appeal of essentially gutting something and then putting it back together and having it work again. The savings that can be had make such endeavors even more enjoyable.

i don’t know how good i will be at this. i might do 2 things. 1st thing i might do is break it. or hurt myself by doing it. i can see myself with stitches. due to everything you need to cut it out with.

I have update the instruction link.