Sensor lifespan: adhesive or just chance?

I keep reading things like this in various threads – the implication being that the more firmly stuck down the sensor is, the longer it will last. But I can’t get my head around how sticking it down better extends its life. After all, the sensor is a piece of physical equipment, like a toaster or a computer. Surely it’s gonna die when it’s gonna die, independent of whether it’s stuck down with Krazy Glue and a plaster cast or just its original adhesive pad.

I’ve been using the G4 for just over two months. I use Skin Tac with the initial adhesive, and some additional tape in the second week, and I’m usually able to get 15 days out of a sensor. But my current one has just entered its fourth week, although I have not changed my “tack tactics,” which would indicate that longevity is up to the sensor itself, not the adhesion method.

So: is this a case of people finding that if they stick the sensor down really, really well, the sensor lives longer? Or is it a case of people finding various ways to keep the sensor stuck on until it dies its natural death, whenever that might be?

I am unable to speak to the technical points, but in my limited experience if I can keep the sensor firmly attached it won’t start getting “noisy” for 18-24 days. If I have a bloody insertion I get several extra days for some strange reason.

@beacher - There are two factors at play here. First being the stickiness as you posted and which many people use this that or the next thing to keep the sensor physically in place. The Second being how long the sensor will work even if the “sticky” issue is resolved.

For us, we typically get 1-1/2 weeks with a max of 2 weeks regardless of “sticky” after which point the numbers clearly change and become erratic. At that point, we change the sensor out. On occasion the sticky will fail before the sensor fails and either skintac or bandage over it as others have posted about.

However during that week and a half of it working, the numbers are incredibly accurate.

Clearly how long the sensor will work (without regard to the sticky) is very much dependent on the particular individual.

The sensor is FDA approved for 7 days. So I consider anything longer than that (with continuing accurate numbers) to be a bonus.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with you about this; we’re just discussing ways to keep it stuck on so you don’t have to change it when the sensor is still going strong. I don’t think anyone’s under the misapprehension that your stickum strategy has a direct affect on sensor function itself. That would be loopy. :wink:


The factors that make it possible for ME to have longer sensor life:

  1. Keeping sweat from the bottom of the sensor.
  2. Keeping water from the top of the sensor.
  3. Controlling itch from 1) & 2)

I don’t control them by chance. A hydrocolloid bandage underneath the sensor site and Opsite over the sensor are what I use.