Sights Seen

Chris and I went off to NYC for part of the weekend and were "aghast" at what we saw in the subway. ;) We also went off to the wine trail in Western CT and enjoyed a nice chat with the owner of the DiGrazi Winery about diabetes, his medical practice, free-radicals, and the benefits of a glass of red wine. (Granted, one glass of red wine is enough to put me under the table, but I didn't tell Dr. DiGrazi that.)

Also, I saw this nifty gadget online and am debating whether or not to bring this up with my CEO to benefit our "diabetes lives." Also, why would this thing need what appears to be a hand brake? I am highly intrigued and confused.

No link to gadget!! Post link, please. I am intrigued by your questions… :slight_smile:

Shoot, I forgot to link it up. Linked! See for yourself, Belated Birthday Girl.

That made me freaking laugh way out loud… This cannot be real, can it???

Where do you find all these gadgets. Not a bad idea if it is for real. LOL What was in the subway?
Have a good weekend. You and Chris are always on the go.

Hee Hee!!! I want it! LOL! the kids and I could fight over it too. Thankyou for adding me to your friends list:)
Thankyou for your wonderful humor! I’ll enjoy getting to know you.

Oh, Western Connecticut! I miss home…that’s where I am from originally…the woods. LOL and red wine! Makes me red too!