Signs of an infected set site

Has anybody had an infection in their body from their pump site? I have had a pulsing pain on my sides and upper kidney area off and on.

I did have an infusion site infection once. The site became red and sore after I changed sites. The size of the inflammation and soreness grew. The pain was not generalized but specific to the actual infusion site. The area affected was oval in shape and about the outline of a small chicken’s egg.

I went to a doctor who lanced it and removed all the puss (Sorry - it’s not a pretty picture!). Following a regime of antibiotics, I recovered fully.

If you have symptoms beyond the immediate infusion site area (on both sides in the area of the kidneys?) you may have other concerns. In either case I would recommend seeing a doctor.

I agree with Terry. You should see a doctor soon. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!