Small victory Big difference

This past Sunday was my first Sunday preaching pumping insulin. My bg reacts differently than most to stress. When stresses my blood glucose levels drop like a rock in a pond. Probably from my adrenal insufficiency. Remove the stress and my blood glucose slowly goes back up. I would get low delivering the weekly sermon proably in the low 40’s to 50’s many Sundys. I would get so low that I could no longer follow an out line. I would drink juice and suck on glucose tabs with little relief. The Sunday before I got my pump (during the saline trial) I got so low I cut the sermon short, gave the benediction than ploped behind the alter. It took me 30 mins for me to recover with one of my diabetic parishioners taking care of me.

This Sunday was amazing. I arrived at church at 10AM set a temporary basil rate of 0.2 (normal is 0.5) I was 86 before the start of service and I was 84 after (with a help of a little snack). I did not bottom out at all. I finnished my sermon, gave the invitation, benediction, and stood out front and greeted everyone as they left.

This Pump is a blessing,