So far not so good

Ok 1st off WHY did I fight lows all day yesterday (the highest I got was 75 the lowest I got was 32) and today I'm in a war with high bs readings. Now got that off my chest.

My husband's back surgery and his recovery are going pretty good although he had a bad fall 2 days ago. (I'm going to hurt him if he keeps whinning LOL) my scope on my shoulder is scheauled for the 30th of March. Can u see 2 middle aged ppl going around acting like their 90??? It may very well happen around here next month. To top it all off my 5 year old g-daughter and my 3 1/2 year old g-daughter are "helping" .................(Honestly hurting more than they are helping but what can u say kids right????)

I was looking so forward to this year and for things to calm down but right now (for the 1st 3 months of this year anyway) things have gotten a little harder for us around here. Oh well life huh??? Nothing to do with the D really just things aren't falling into place like I thought they would!

Lots of 2012 left to get better. Maybe the good part of the year starts with spring!

tRUDY U KNOW THOSE DAYS WHERE U JUST FEEL SORRY FOR URSELF??? i THINK i GOT A GOOD ONE GOING HERE TODAY! lol! i USUALLY TRY TO HAVE a goodtime around here but today it just isn't working for me. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. One of those days u know????

Well, there sure are some frustrating days, I'm having a few right now myself. I'm looking out the window and it's beautifully bright and too cold to go out. Well, that's the least of my frustrations, and yours as well I know. It's got to get better soon. Pat the little ones on their helpful little heads and best luck to you and your husband!

Doris it will sound like my house me 84 Russ 86 me on a walker Russ a cane we have fun though. You two can do it. At least your not as bad as that card I sent you two. HUGS,Reed

Doris, I picture you sitting at your computer.... but seriously, as Danny would say tomorrow is another day, and I sure hope it's better!![|640x307](upload://nOGaQs5t4d33IhY65t3A0luUiTg.png)