So far this year

Well this year has started with so major ups… my wife and I are expecting our first child in September, I am doing better in class, while I have yet to stick with an exercise program I am much more active that I was 4 months ago, and my time management has improved and productivity is up. While I am more active and exercising more and more I still have a huge hurtle compulsive eating. Most nights I sit and consume a huge snack. Most of the time I am not hungry, I don’t want food nor do I need it to keep my bg up (thank you dawn effect). Sometimes I feel like I ma in auto pilot as I go thru the motions of preparing food and consuming it alone (my wife is asleep then). I dump all these carbs, fats, calories, salts into my body at the time it can least handle them. I am not sure if I eat because i feel bad or feel bad because I eat or a bit of both. I just pray that tonight i can resist that urge to raid the fridge and pantry for my nightly gorge.

Matthew, I have a friend here, Bobby, that I think you have a lot in common with. He is also a type 2, a pastor, and from Georgia! He is a great friend, and honest about his issues, too. Tell him I said hi.

I’m sure you’re very excited about the baby. Please keep in touch. We’re all in this together, and together we can do it!