Someone once said how can you understand others if you do not understand yourself

Some mornings I wake up and all is fine no giddiness no sweating I could be back to my pre diabetes days hoping out of bed jumping down the stairs 3 steps at a time open the back door and breath in the winter coldness in fact if we had a lake near us I would go for a morning dip jog around the park shorts tee shirt and a smile on my face the old Raymond I use to be,most of this is a clear fantasy I never jogged and would certainly not go for a morning dip unless it was under the shower and my walking jogging around the park days were times when our kids were so young they thought I was a giant I use to sit them on my knees all five of them bundled up on dad like the filling on your favorite sandwich and tell them one day you will be as big as daddy and hopefully have your own children to sit on your lap,kiss them all tuck them in bed and read a story usually the same story the Gingerbread man mind you due to political correctness it would be gingerbread person of is ginger not allowed today in case we offend anyone with ginger hair, has the World gone bananas or is it me out of step with progress.
Anyway before I really get into trouble it is the anniversary of my first taking victoza/liragutide and can report I have 3 lbs to loose then 3 stone will have disappeared out of my body puzzling is it not Jedi where it disappears too one minute I cannot see my shoes in fact the only time I saw my feet was in the mirror but now I can look down at my feet even though I still have a lot to loose around my tummy as Tony Hancock might say I have a portly stature the doctor might call it obese what a terrible term what a nasty thing to tell anyone who is fighting there weight as best hey can.
This morning was one of those better awakenings smudge came into our bedroom I was on a beach sun basking down a beautiful woman was bringing me a drink and Ben my doggy was chasing a Frisbee the wife/Angel was reading her book commenting it might send you bananas I clearly knew what she meant stop ogling me love i was looking at the tall glass she is bringing me with the umbrella in it.
It is 8.48 am overcast but not too cold no wind no birds chatting but it is early so they might not have woken up yet, the trees have lost there leaves the grass is sleepy oh there go the family of crows noisy as a football match my blood sugar is 6.7 whoopee the first time below 7 in 2 weeks the sweating seems to have gone fingers rossed or even crossed my gout shoos is sleeping so it might be a nice day for me anyway,smudge is sitting by her food cupboard so I had better go and give her breakfast thanks for popping by best wishes twiddlemthumbs