Son Diagnosed on NOV 14 th!

I just found out that Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day!!! Last Nov. 14 was when my son was diagnosed!!! Is there anyone else who shares this wierd coincidence?? I got the twitter ribbon for my twitter and then saw that it said it was on Nov. 14th… my son and I are still amused to say the least with this!!! OMG!

He is 15. He has the date now on his Itouch so it counts it…I think he said it was day 66 or something like that today. Not sure knowing the days will help him deal with it. He is taking it all really well so far but I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet.

Hey Katsz - that’s kind of neat that he got in on World Diabetes Day - you’ll never forget that day. Glad to hear that he’s taking this next step in life with a good sense of humour. I think that is something that has saved many of us PWD’s (people with diabetes ) with living with it. I know for myself, like Dave, I was diagnosed sometime in the year 1968. I think it was the summer time, because I remember wearing shorts that kept on falling off me, but this made it easier for me to pull them down and take a wee inbetween my next door neighbours house and my parents (I know gross - but when you’re drinking like a horse - when you gotta go - you gotta goooooo). I also was doing the usual bed wetting that’s associated with childhood diagnosis of diabetes. My Mum was NOT happy with that almost nightly clean up job!

Thank you. Will look into that book. He has a great team from a Children’s Hospital. AI Dupont in De. He also has a great Ped. doc here. So far…other than the fact that they want him to wait a total of 6 months for the pump, I am pleased. They say he has to learn everything and what it means before getting a pump. I see that point too… but I know he will be so much happier on a pump. When he was first diagnosed they thought he was a possible type 2. He seemed insulin resistant. They had him on Metformin along with treating him as a type 1. Recently his tests all came back and they took him of metformin. His numbers went way up and the insulin need went up. He is starting to stabilize again but it has been tough. He just went to bed after correcting a 240! Before on Metformin he would usually have a snack before bed cuz he was low. Well, I’m getting wordy…sorry… Thank you for your reply. I am glad to hear things are going well for you. You sound like you had a scarier start to all of this than he has had.

My son’s room is in our finished basement. He has his own “apartment” kind of. Before diagnosis he filled a big water jug…the kind w/a spout like at a sports event… with water and put it in the little kitchenette outside of his room and would fill it up about every 2 days!!! There is also a bathroom down there so I didn’t realize how often he drank or peed in the middle of the night. I was happy that he was losing weight because he was very heavy. I thought he was getting dizzy when standing up because he has grown to 6’ tall. I knew he kept telling me that there was something wrong but I didn’t see it…even w/his cousin being diagnosed 3 months before him…He was at a 13%A1C and his bg was over 600 the day my sister brought her daughter’s meter to test him for me. Yes…on November 14th!

I got diagnosed on 14th of November also. Look it on the bright side. 2 in 1. Lol! :slight_smile: