Sports watches that support xdrip


I am a libre/miao miao user and have been using my fitbit versa to keep track of my BG while running and cycling. My friend has a Sony Smartwatch 3 that he says has great connectivity-much better than my Versa, which consantly loses it. I have looked at reviews of the Sony and it is very average. I am looking for a watch with accurate GPS and that will keep track of my running mileage, splits, and other data from runs.

Does anyone have a Garmin, Suunto or Polar brand watch (or others that are sports watches) that keep the miao miao connected?


After my ticwatch e battery died(about 18 months), I tried Samsung, garmin, amazefit verge etc, but went back to the ticwatch pro 4g (1gb ram) because it was one of the few that stayed connected to the miao miao when I was away from my phone…it has to have the android /Google wear operating system on it, or it won’t have all the features… some would work with widgets, but only if you are close to the phone…that’s why the 4 year old Sony watch works

I’d consider the ticwatch s2 instead…

I have the Samsung Galaxy watch and Xdrip+ with DexG5, and it has good connectivity. I can be upstairs and my phone downstairs and it picks it up. You also have the option of the watch being the receiver, but that will use up your battery fast. The Galaxy battery has to be recharged every 36 hours or so when using it for exercise.
The heart rate monitor on it seems to be very accurate at rest and when exercising when compared to Polar10 strap or Wahoo Ticker optical arm band.


can u post a pic of the screen that has the xdrip data on it? we have Gear 2 watches currently. I tried to get wearable widgets onto the watch but it no longer shows up in the Wear app–Galaxy Store searches. Quite some time ago, it used to be there.

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Here is a pic of the xdrip on the watch. What settings are you using on the wear widgets? That can make a difference.

On the wearable widge app set it to Invisible updates, Show notifications. Do not crop the image. The widget shows a preview of the image. Also make sure that the phone does not put the app to sleep.

I tried to find Wearable Widgets in the Samsung Wear app in the “store”. It no longer shows up when using a Gear 2 watch. But it USED to be there, so they must have pulled it–at least w/ respect to the Gear 2. Now that I think about it, I didn’t like it in 2018 because I couldn’t see the time as well as the xdrip data. But no matter–with our watches, it doesn’t seem possible to download the watch app for Wearable Widgets at this time.

Did you try the Google Play Store? That is where I got it.

wearable widgets for the watch itself isn’t in the play store. my wife already has wearable widgets on her phone, but we can’t get the companion app for the watch itself. Like I said earlier, it USED to be available for her watch, but no longer.

One doesn’t get watch apps from the Play Store. They come thru Samsung Wear.

Hi guys,

Is there any chance to make Ticwatch Pro 3 4G/LTE as standalone connector which passes BG readings(values) to the cloud without phone of course ?