Still got it!

Ok, so here’s my laugh for Friday afternoon. I contacted my insurance company to see if they’d buy me a new pump. It’s time, I’m almost out of warranty (well, I have another 10 months, but I figured it would take awhile to get them to say yes… so I decided to start early)… Over the course of the past couple of months I’ve written them, and have been in contact… then silence… I didn’t hear back from them…

So I called them this afternoon to see what was up. Were they waiting on me? Yes, yes, they are… they need some more info from me. Turns out they need some proof/evidence that I still have diabetes… That alone struck me as incredibly funny… STILL?! Like… what did I do with it… leave it somewhere? Give it away? Did I get mugged and someone took it from me? Hahahaha… Yep… still got it… and really… life ain’t so bad! :slight_smile:

Scary that these are the people who make some MAJOR decisions about what services you should have or not have. Did it ever dawn on them that you wouldn’t be asking about a pump if you no longer needed one? Not sure I have EVER seen a non-D wired up to a pump just for kicks and giggles.

Yes…life ain’t so bad. Much better to be D than stupid.

You should have said “Yes it is contagious so I passed it to YOU!” (no, jk, don’t say that - you want your pump after all). But wouldn’t it be great if we COULD get rid of it by being mugged or something. I think I coud handle one mugging. :slight_smile:

Ok. That made me laugh out loud!! That is just absurd of them to even ask.