Strep throat and type 1 disbetes


My daughter is 7 yrs and she went to the doctor last night…she has strep throat. Any advice on something for the pain, that won’t shot up her blood sugar. She is on medication for her strep throat. She had a fever last night, but not now. She will eat, but what advice for food that is easy to go down.



Not sure what specifically you need advice about? Dealing with the strep? Dealing with the diabetes…and if so…why? Is she running high? Doesn’t want to eat? Has a fever? Was she given antibiotics?

We need more info to help you :slight_smile:

Do you have any specific questions we can try to tackle for you?

Ask her doctor what’s best for pain. I’ve gargled with an aspirin dissolved in warm water, but don’t know if that’s good for a child. Warm salt water helps, if it won’t sting.

Lots of fluids, of course. I don’t have much appetite when sick & stay with herb tea, soup, scrambled eggs with cheese & homemade protein shakes (unsweetened almond milk, whey isolated protein powder & flavoring). All are easy to digest & easy to swallow. They have the added bonus of not being carb heavy to send BG higher, which is already a problem with infection. I think protein helps when sick.

Hope she’s feeling better soon. The antibiotics are working well since her fever’s gone–yay.

If she is not on a Dexcom, Tylenol works good. I was running a fever 2 weeks ago & shut my Dex off so I could use some Tylenol. Tylenol is good for pain also.

Warm liquids, like mother’s old-fashioned chicken soup? Cures everything, I’m told, :slight_smile: Seriously, anything she’ll tolerate that has nutrition in it. You have to be in close contact with your doc, because she NEEDS calories, which can be gotten in things like regular jello mixed with water but not jelled, regular soda, warm milk, broth or any other liquid, BUT her BGs are likely to go up even if she doesn’t eat at all, which brings the dangers of ketoacidosis. Which is why you have to be prepared to feed her and give her as much insulin as needed, but better to have the doc’s advice on how much. Do you have a CDE or a dietitian? They would be a very good source of information, too. And be sure to have glucagon on hand just in case she surprises you and BGs go down.

As far as pain, aspirin is a no-no for children because of Reyes’ Syndrome, which can be fatal, and, again, I really think you should ask your doc. I’ve had strep, and it IS very painful, and it really hurts to swallow, so maybe your doc can give you a safe painkiller. I’m surprised he didn’t do that last night! :frowning:

Good luck with this anxiety-provoking problem – I hope she gets better fast!