Sugarmate and Tandem

Tandem acquired Sugarmate a little over a month ago. Sugarmate is a great app that has no control capabilities, but takes Dexcom CGM data and generates more comprehensive and easy to access analytics and also includes decent event logging. I use it routinely because I’m on iOS, xDrip isn’t available and Spike is such a POA to install and maintain.

I hope this combination portends Tandem software that takes full control of the CGM sensor and data, merges it with comprehensive pump data into an integrated package that has everything you need to see in one place. Perhaps even including pump control at some future date.


Tandem said up front it won’t replace the Tconnect mobile app, so as of now I would say controlling the Tandem pump is out. But it will be interesting what the future direction will look like for Sugarmate.

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