Well, I’m down to 3 vials of Insulin, 4 Infusion sets, and 6 Reservoirs. I can’t get any Insulin, because I can’t pay the co-pay. I can’t get on Medicaid, because I have Insurance I can’t afford. Funny how things have worked out. I’ve been off work for a year and a half now. I have filed for Disability, but getting Disability from the state of Texas is worse than pulling teeth. The next step is a hearing which is roughly 7months away. I may have possibly found a job in New Mexico that I might be able to do physically, but that means another move, and what happens in the meantime? I have checked all the resources here to get help with Insulin, meds, and Pump supples, but my wife has a job and insurance that we can’t pay the co-pay on. Those three vials of insulin will last me roughly 3 or 4 weeks. I’ve been leaving my infusion sets in for 6 or 7 days trying to make them last. Using the Reservoirs at least twice. But it’s only a matter of time now. And of course, a thousand different things go through my head. What happens when it’s all gone? Will Medicaid reinstate me if I have my wife drop me from the insurance? I don’t know. I have one box of test strips left, and when those are gone. well obviously I won’t be able to check my BG anyway. Maybe I should move to Canada where this would all be taken care of… HaHa! Can’t afford that either. Should have stayed in Tennessee. I hate this disease,… Seems like it’s always something, and always struggling to get the things I need. I’m tired of having to do that. Just a vicious cycle that seems to never end. Sorry if I sound so negative, I’m just really not in a very good place, and running out of answers and resources.

do you know if all minimed gear is compatible? i was sent the wrong infusion sets…

also, for the insulin…can you have the doc call it in to walmart? maybe they have that crazy $10 for a 3 month supply deal on your insulin or similar (call and check)

i am so very sorry. if worse comes to worse i have hundreds upon hundreds of syringes i can send :frowning:

I’m sorry you and many others are dealing with this. My prayers go out to you and the like. In case you haven’t checked this route here’s a link with some ways you may be able to obtain a partial supply of insulin.…

I know that it is not the “good” insulin that you are used to, but you can get the old Regular & NPH insulin at WallyWorld for about $20 a vial without a script. It wouldn’t be the same control as you are getting now, but it would be better than nothing.

I don’t know how that would work if your wife drops you from her insurance, but I would think that you don’t have anything to lose by trying it.

Ugh a Tennesseean talking here, it’s really not that good here either. I know your fight, belive me I’ve been there way too many times.I really hope things work out for you. Life gets hard sometimes, we just have to show it we can get HARDED!

I’m so sorry for your trounles. Wish I could help in anyway but I can’t and I know this. Sorry my friend.

I’m not sure if it’s all compatible, I have a Paradigm 722, and it’s the only pump I’ve ever had. I use the Silhouette Infusion set with the 23 inch tubing and the long 17mm needle. I have used a couple of others too before I finally decided I liked the Silhouette the best. Just sitting here trying to figure out a way out of all this. What a mess. Thanks for writing, and thanks for your concern. I really do appreciate it.

How does the old insulin work? Do you have to use more of it in order to get the control? Will it work with a pump? Or do you have to use it with needles in conjunction with Lantus or something like that to control the basal? I don’t really know anything about.

You MIGHT be able to use Regular in your pump, but I’d check with a doctor or pharmacist first. Back in the day, Regular and NPH were used in conjuction (Regular is short-acting insulin, NPH is a long-acting insulin).

I ran into an emergency this year where my pump wasn’t delivering, I was out of state, it was the weekend, and I stupidly didn’t have extra supplies with me. So I had to get syringes and Regular at the pharmacy. I was able to inject in similar ratios as I would with my Novolog. I don’t know about using it as a basal - so again you’d have to ask if it can be used in a pump.

Minimed does have a financial assistance program. Have you seen if you qualify? (call customer service).

Also, try

I was going to suggest but it looks like they aren’t accepting applications any longer :frowning:

You can also try calling the manufacturer of your insulin - most insulin producers have assistance programs that can get you at least 3 months of insulin. Depending on what meter you have, calling them and explaining your situation can also sometimes lead to them sending you some free strips.

Ask your doctor if they can give you drug company samples. My husband is on 17 different prescriptions including Novolog and Lantus. We ask at every doctor visit and often come home with a month or three-month supply. If you wife has insurance keep it!!! Work on getting a way to handle the co-pays. Will the pharmacy help? My heart goes out to you and wishes you good luck and good health.

Hi Bobby, sorry to hear that things are still so rough.

Just to make sure that you tried everything, have you checked TuDiabetes list of Patient Assistance Resources?

I know some people got a years worth of Lantus or Humalog through the company programs. It does take time, but … there are links on the page there.

You can use regular in the pump, but may need to adjust your settings. Here is some info from John Walsh’s website:

Well, know what it’s like… was self insured for 10 yrs. until I got accepted into the VA.

  1. I was on MDI -syringes and Vials of R and NPH… then Lantus & Humalog later yrs
  2. I moved… but into a Bettery County in my State that had a Program for the unisureable
  3. Canadian Meds… Canada and there are others…
  4. HOCKS - supplies for Test strips
    5 In the ADA’s Forum Boards for T1’s > Prescription Assistance Programs
  5. It may become necessary to Get Divorced and be a single person on Public Aid/Welfare. so you can get Health insurance… Ck with your Dept. Of Health & Human services and Welfare Dept.

I think it’s just rotten that we T1’s cannot be automatically allowed into Medicare… we have a Chornic disease and they do cover others with Chronic Diseases…

bobby…do you still need supplies? contact me if you do <3