Swimming with miao miao


Has anyone got a miao miao and swim? i gave up on the LIbre for triathlon season because it didnt matter what I did, it fell off being in the pool three times a week, and also because it was so inaccurate.
I have just got the miao miao, which I am loving. I have ordered an arm band with a 3dprinter-produced flexible plastic thigamajig that kind of frames the libre and miao miao, so that it really shouldn´t fall off. Right now, I am wearing netted elasticated bandage over it, which is working ok.
I cannot find any info on whether I can swim with it, though I have been showering with it. I swim about 2000 meters at a time, so about 45 minutes at a time. In the off season, i will probably just be doing it once a week.

Can you explain what type of meter this is,please. I have never heard of this. Nancy50

The MiaoMiao is rated for one meter deep for half an hour. If I were going to be swimming with it for longer than that I would find a waterproof wrap of some kind to wear over it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Thanks , I love going to the Y todo water aerobics. Nancy50

Not trying to sell you on it, but I always enjoyed it with xdrip, and thought it might help you sleep…

Thanks, I make up for with an after dinner nap - the T2 will hopefully be out soon - I know it only alerts for high or low, but that would be enough. Besides, when your are awake all the time anyway you get used to it :grin:

Thanks very much for this info. I wont chance it then.